Chronic anxiety, antidepressants, combo remedies, self-treatment, and more…


Hello Amy, I have a question for you. Please would you take time to answer me.

Last year in March I had been suffering from mild anxiety regarding my health issues. Someone advised me to take: Lehning L72 for anxiety (homeopathic). I took it three times a day (20 drops). The first day I felt a very good improvement in my mood. Then on the second or third day I had an severe aggravation in my anxiety which scared me so much that I stopped taking that medicine. I was given antidotes such as Nux Vomica which only helped a little bit. I was then given other homeopathic medicines.

But the anxiety got worse and finally I started taking treatment by a proper Homeopathic doctor. But I also started taking allopathic antidepressant medicine (Venlafaxine 75 mg). After 4 months (last year August) things got quite better and in the 5th month (last year September) I got married and my anxiety vanished almost completely because of distraction. So after the sixth month I stopped taking the homeopathic medicine but continued the antidepressant.

This year in March/April my anxiety is starting to come back because of minor stress, and I always am scared that the anxiety of last year may come back. I started tapering off the antidepressant (reducing 7.5 mg = 10% every three weeks). I started at 75 mg antidepressant in April and now I am at 45 mg. But the anxiety got worse again especially 3 – 4 days ago.

Now, two days ago I started taking again Lehning L72 (because I thought that if that medicine triggered the aggravation, then it should be able to heal me too!). I took L72 two days ago around 4 PM (but only 10 drops this time). Suddenly I felt much better the whole day and night. Also the next day (i.e. yesterday) was quite good. Around 4 – 5 PM I started having (light!) negative thoughts again and I again took a dose and after an hour the improvement came back again. Overall I do feel better.

Now my question is: Should I keep the dose (i.e. once a day 10 drops) or should I increase it to twice a day? I’m afraid that increasing the frequency could trigger a very bad aggravation again. And I am also afraid what will happen when Ido my next reducing step on my antidepressant fom 45 mg to 37 mg.

Thanks a lot!  -Ahmed



I decided to respond to you through an article instead of a personal response because your question brings up so many points that will be useful for so many people to learn from. I often get questions like yours, so I hope you don’t mind my using your question as a “teaching moment.”

First of all, as I always tell people who write to me, I am not a practitioner, merely an educator to the general public about homeopathy.  Nevertheless, there is a lot to learn from your experience.

First of all, I had never heard of “Lehning 72”, so I looked it up.  It is a combination remedy, marketed for sleep, with many different remedies in low potency, including: Sumbulus moschatus, Oleum Gaultheriae, Cicuta virosa, Asafoetida, Corydalis formosa, Ignatia, Valeriana, Staphysagria, Avena sativa, and Hyoscyamus. While such combinations can often provide symptomatic relief for a while, the real question is: Is one of these remedies the true correct remedy for a patient? Is another? Combo remedies like these are not that much different than over-the-counter allopathic drugs. They may provide relief for a time, but are not deeply curative.

Another important question is: What is the effect of taking all these different remedies (most of which are not the correct remedy for you) repeatedly?  Yes, they are in very low doses (in this formula, mostly 2x and 3x), but nevertheless, it does not surprise me at all that repeated dosing with this formula caused an aggravation that was difficult for you to antidote.

After your experience with Lehning 72, you finally saw a proper homeopath. Given that your problem was chronic anxiety, this should have been your proper course of action from the start. Simultaneously, however, you started taking antidepressants.  Now the question becomes:  Did you feel better because of the antidepressants or because of the remedy? It is impossible to tell. And as you’ve discovered, it is very hard to go off of antidepressants once you have been on them. (Interestingly, though, homeopathy can provide a lot of help in helping you get off antidepressants.  Here is a recent lecture on the topic, sponsored by the National Center for Homeopathy.)

So now you are in a situation where you need help in getting off the antidepressants and with your anxiety.  My first suggestion is to go back to your homeopath, who can help guide you through this process and find a correct remedy for you.  However, if you wish to proceed on your own by using Lehning 72, please remember this cardinal rule in taking remedies (despite what the label on the remedy bottle says):

Take a remedy only as needed. If your symptoms subside, do not repeat the remedy until they return again.

Moreover, you need not take a lot of a remedy.  The difference between 2 drops, 10 drops, and 20 drops (or 1 pill, 3 pills, or 6 pills) is negligible for most people. What matters more is frequency of dosing, not the amount of dose.

Another cardinal rule: If your symptoms worsen or new symptoms develop, stop taking the remedy (and call your homeopath). You have either taken too much, causing an aggravation, or it is the wrong remedy. In either case, stopping the remedy usually causes the situation to subside, though it might take days or a few weeks.

For all of these reasons, it is always wise to see a homeopath for any chronic condition.

Finally, reading my book, Impossible Cure, especially chapters 4, 6, and 8, will explain many of these things to you.  In fact, the book is even used as a first year textbook by many homeopathic schools.

Ahmed, I really do believe that proper homeopathic treatment could be your answer, both for your anxiety and in helping you get off antidepressants.  Moreover, if you do not feel comfortable with your current homeopath, please find another.

I hope this is helpful!  And all the best to you.



Dog with Erythema Multiforme


Hi Amy. I have a dog diagnosed with severe erythema multiforme (a skin condition). She is elderly now and has always suffered from severe summer allergies. In June of last year, she received a three year rabies shot and within a week the excessive, thick, odorous drooling began. She began to have great difficulty eating. It took months to get a diagnosis. Now her face and legs are turning black. I gave her Apis 200c and her fur began falling out leaving bright pink skin underneath which I now must coat in sunscreen or she can’t go out. It’s like a burn. She is tired and sleeps a lot but she still has a good appetite. She doesn’t drink enough water and in spite of me feeding her three times a day, she is loosing weight. Hope you can help.



Hi Michele.

You really need to work with a good homeopathic vet. Please visit the site of the Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy.  Most will work with you over the phone if you cannot find someone nearby. Homeopathic vets have expert knowledge of how to deal with problems like these.  It is very likely that Apis was not the correct remedy for your dog, but perhaps the fur falling out is actually a healing reaction and new fur will grow in the new skin.

In any case, your question points out a very important point: the dangers of over-vaccination in animals.  The yearly vaccines given to pets are completely unnecessary and simply ploys for you to come in for a visit. Repeated rabies vaccines have led to low-grade rabies and violence in many animals. The foremost teacher of veterinary homeopathy (who formerly worked in veterinary immunology), Richard Pitcairn, has written at length about this subject, which I also discussed in a past newsletter.

Unfortunately, in our pets we are seeing the results, in compressed form, of multiple generations of over-vaccination: an increase in chronic diseases and cancer in younger and younger animals.  We will see similar results in humans over time.

An older pet should not be vaccinated. Your dog already had a tendency toward allergies, which has now deepened into new chronic problems.  However, I have a feeling that with expert care, your dog can do much better.  One of the things that homeopathic vets do is put dogs and cats on a diet of raw food.  We did this with my previous dog when she was 10, her health problems abated, and she lived to be 17 and died simply of old age.

I hope this helps!


Learning about Homeopathy


I want to learn homeopathy.  Can you teach me? -Razi


Hi Razi.

Wow, when I first saw this question, I laughed a bit.  Learning homeopathy — I mean really learning to practice homeopathy — is just as difficult and time-consuming as learning to practice conventional medicine.  Perhaps even more so! However, learning even some homeopathy can go a long way and is totally worthwhile, and there are many resources for you to explore.

As far as what I personally can teach you, my answer is: read my book, Impossible Cure!  That is why I wrote it! Not only is it an excellent patient education book, but it is used as a first-year text book by many homeopathic schools. If you read and absorb the material, you will pretty much understand everything you need to know about homeopathy except details of the remedies and treatment methods.  Then, to learn about individual remedies, you can begin with a variety of self-help books.  I include a “Helpful Reading” section at the end of Impossible Cure, but you can also just go to Amazon and type in “homeopathy”.

Another approach is to listen to the free recordings of my old radio shows, also available on my site, which essentially provide a short course on homeopathy, interspersed with interviews of homeopaths that treat autism.

To deepen your education after this, I recommend attending a homeopathic school, many of which offer online or distance learning opportunities.  You can find guidance on the site of the National Center for Homeopathy.  There are also excellent homeopathic publications you can read.  The National Center puts out an excellent quarterly magazine, Homeopathy Today.  Another excellent and free online publication is the Hpathy Newsletter. However, it is a bit more geared toward practitioners.

I hope this is helpful!


Remedy Helps, but Stops Helping; A Case of IBS


Hi Amy.

I am a 35 years old man who is very sick with severe IBS, many food intolerances and malabsorption. I have lost 15 kilos in 18 months. I am very well aware of the potential of Homeopathy. Unfortunately, I have been going from one doctor to another, but 6 homeopaths have failed to help me till date.

Nobody in my family has any digestive issues and my issues started after I immigrated to Canada from India. There were 3 reasons why I got IBS.
1) Exposure to -58 C in Canada w/o sun for many months.
2) Extreme anxiety.
3) Indulgence in processed food.

For the first time, a remedy started working a bit and I got some hope. It was Calcarea Carbonica 10M. My stool frequency came down from 3 times a day to 1. The colour, texture and size improved. After 2 weeks, I made a huge mistake. I wanted to see if it made any difference to the food intolerances I suffer from, so I had some chocolate with nuts and a Coke. My gut broke down badly and all the effects of Calc Carb vanished. Doc asked me to have Cal Carb 10M again and I did, but this time it failed to bring any result.

My, question to you is: If Calc carb failed to bring in the result again, should the remedy be changed or should it be taken again after few months? 10M is a high potency and I can’t take it the third time again as I have already taken it twice in 2 months time.

Also, do you know any doctor personally who is an expert in curing IBS patients? I have lost my job due to my sickness and I am on the verge of wrapping up and returning home, which I really don’t want. I am only alive on rice, boiled veggies, curd and banana. Can’t eat anything else.

I am so glad your son was cured. Yours is the second case in my knowledge; the first one was a Russian kid whose mom, a doctor, cured him with naturopathy and diet change.

Thank you for your time and patience!! Ray


Ray, I’m sorry to hear about your IBS woes.  It sounds horrible.

First of all, I don’t know of a practitioner who specializes in IBS.  However, it is the kind of problem that probably every homeopath deals with.  That said, I suggest that you may need to consult other kinds of practitioners, in addition to a homeopath.

First of all, you should probably see a naturopath who can help you with dietary recommendations. They may also uncover other physical issues that are contributing to your IBS.

Second, you need to address your anxiety.  Homeopathy can definitely help, but obviously, your anxiety is quite intense.  Talking to a counselor and starting a meditation practice is probably  necessary. Your body is talking to you and it’s time to listen!  This is a problem that obviously won’t be easily patched over by a pill.  You must meet whatever is literally “eating” at you head on! This will require some intense self-examination and soul-searching on your part.

Finally, as far as the Calc Carb goes, there are a couple of possibilities.  First, it’s possible that a lower,  more frequent dose could be the answer.  For example, you might benefit from a daily dose of 12c, or regular liquid dosing of 30c or an LM potency. You should discuss this with your homeopath.  Another possibility is that Calc Carb is close, but not the correct remedy.  In this case, your homeopath should reexamine the case.

I hope this is helpful!


Proving a Remedy from Too High a Dose


Hi Amy,

I hope you are well. I would love your feedback.

Around a month ago I went to a respected homeopath to help me out with some post period pains. He prescribed Pulsatilla 1M. 2 days later I woke up in a panicked state with nausea and diarrhea. Didn’t think much about it and went back to sleep. A few days later I was trying to fall asleep and I was suddenly woken up with an ill and horrible feeling of panic, nausea, diarrhea. This continued for about a week where I felt SO unbelievably horrible with horrible horrible panic and anxiety. Shivering, chills, no appetite. Would wake up suddenly every night with nervous energy and restlessness. This went on for a week. I had an appointment to see him at the end of the week. I explained my distress and bad reaction and he gave me Nat-m 30 that he said will help calm me down and help with my sleep. It calmed me down for a few hours but it did nothing for my sleep. I ended up sleeping 1 hr that night and woke up with the same panic again. I called him the next day and he gave me Lycopodium 1M. That did help with my sleep and I have been sleeping well (not much but well) for the past 2 weeks. My symptoms have been slowly improving ever since. On and off I do still get anxiety, and my diarrhea and nausea is still happening every morning. I would like to know if this is a possible reaction to the Pulsatilla, is it may be because my body was overly sensitive to the remedy? Will this last much longer? What can I do to alleviate my symptoms? Thanks so much!! Really appreciate your time.



Hi Pauline.  I’m sorry to hear about your reaction to the Pulsatilla.  It is episodes like these that can convince anyone of the power of homeopathic remedies.  Please tell that to the skeptics who say they are sugar pills!  Also, it points to the importance of treatment under the care of a good homeopath.

Yes, I think you are “proving” the remedy Pulsatilla.  That is, you are getting symptoms caused by the remedy.  Provings are the way in which homeopaths find out what a remedy can cause and therefore cure, and many homeopaths undergo these experiments as part of their training.  This is the way our materia medica of new potential remedies is developed.

Unfortunately, if a remedy is incorrect, or even if it is correct but is given in too high a dose, a patient may experience this phenomenon.  Usually, it only lasts a few days or at most a couple of weeks.  Sometimes, however, it is more intense and long-lived, especially if the patient is particularly sensitive.  In that case, the most effective solution is to take the correct remedy, though antidoting the problem remedy by applying Vicks Vaporub to the chest can also serve to alleviate things.

It turns out that Lycopodium and Pulsatilla are definitely related remedies, and it is likely that your reaction pointed your homeopath to this new choice. My question is:  how are your post-period pains now?  Are they improved?  Were they improved on the Pulsatilla?

My guess is that your proving of Pulsatilla will definitely slowly abate.  You are obviously highly sensitive to this remedy! If it’s any consolation, I myself had a negative reaction of this kind to Pulsatilla.

As you are discovering, homeopathy is a tricky practice.  It is sometimes hard to choose the right remedy, in the right dose. That is why starting with a lower dose of a remedy (e.g., 30c) may be wisest if remedy choice is uncertain.  In any case, I hope you are doing much better now, and that your original problem of post-period pain is on its way out too.




Homeopathy for Bells Palsy? … and Similar Questions


Is there a homeopathic remedy for Bell’s Palsy?  I am looking for something asap.  Thank you.  -Shirley



I get questions like this one quite frequently.  Of course, there are homeopathic remedies associated with almost any problem. All you need to do is type into Google:  “homeopathy <problem>” and you will find ideas.  For example, for Bell’s Palsy, I found this one — 10 Best Homeopathic Remedies for Bell’s Palsy.

But my purpose in writing this article is to point out something much more important: Except for obvious transient acute ailments (like the flu), most problems are best treated holistically by a homeopath, not by yourself.  Yes, there might be a remedy that could match your particular expression of Bell’s Palsy, and yes, you could get lucky and pick the right remedy in the right potency, and yes, you might learn enough about homeopathy so that you choose the right potency and dosing method and you don’t overdose yourself.

But the deeper and more pertinent question is — why do you have Bell’s Palsy?  The true solution to your problem will be to treat your whole self, which will include the underlying  problem that caused your Bell’s Palsy.  In other words, treatment under the guidance  of a certified homeopath is your best option. Reading my book Impossible Cure will  help you better understand this point. And on the Impossible Cure website, you will also find pointers to homeopathic referrals.

I hope this is helpful!




Changing Diet When Undergoing Homeopathic Treatment


Dear Amy,

My homeopathic doctor doesn’t want me to change my son’s diet.  Is this okay?



The reason that your homeopath doesn’t want you to change your son’s diet is that he or she wants to be able to clearly see the effects of the remedy. If you change your son’s diet at the same time, it’s harder to tell what did what.

However, removing things from the diet (for example, dairy or gluten) can really help many children.  In fact, these foods can be an obstacle to the remedy working as well as it could.  So I would discuss this with your homeopath.  Perhaps after the homeopath feels that the remedy has been helping for while, they might agree that you can now change the diet and see if that also helps.

Another approach, in general, would be to introduce things like dietary changes before embarking on homeopathic treatment.  In general, you should not introduce many changes all at once since it creates confusion in understanding remedy reactions and effects.

I hope this is helpful.


Knowing the Name of a Remedy; Homeoprophylaxis as an Alternative to Vaccination


Dear Amy,

I am a father of a new born baby and a 4 year old girl (healthy and happy). I am serious about not vaccinating my children and want proper homeopathic alternatives. I would like to know if there exists a mapping/homeopathic equivalents for the WHO recommended basic vaccines? I want my children to be safe and do not want modern vaccines to be injected.

I live in India, Bangalore. The problem here is that I have not found a good homeopath who has expertise in this area or who will reveal the name of the remedy used.

I have complete faith in homeopathy but do not want to take to it without knowing what my children are being given. When my first child was 1 year old, she was treated by an Homeopath and the symptoms worsened… Later we had to rush to emergency. Recently we had one more such episode, where the Homeopath, a well-meaning doctor, very much trustworthy and effective, advised us to go to a pediatrician as the medicines did not help in recovery and my child’s temperature kept raising (it was a cough and bronchitis-like respiratory problem). We went to another homeopath through a good reference and now my child recovered, absolutely fine! Hence, I would like to know what remedies are prescribed by a Homeopath. As a parent it is my need and my responsibility.

Kindly help me out. I need to know the remedies that can substitute for vaccines, and I need to know how to get to a good homeopath, even if necessary online or through a video conference, to have my children develop strong immunity. Getting in touch with a homeopath who can reveal what remedies he/she is giving is a challenge here, in Bangalore, India.

Looking forward to your guidance in this regard.



Hi Umashankar.

I agree with you about not knowing the name of a remedy.  I personally would never go to a homeopath that didn’t tell me the name of a remedy I was given.  However, the practice of not revealing the remedy name is quite common in other countries — less so in the USA, because it would generally be considered unethical.

Some of the reasons for not revealing the remedy name include:

  • Some patients rush to look up the remedy online and begin to question the prescription, not understanding the subtleties in homeopathic prescribing.  No patient would match all the symptoms listed under a remedy, which encompass every symptom ever associated with the remedy, including some very severe pathological states. There are also reasons for prescribing a remedy that would not be obvious to a patient — for example, various remedy relationships.
  • Some patients will go and buy more of the remedy and  start overdosing themselves.
  • Some patients will be scared by the nature of the remedy (for example, remedies made from diseases).  However, it is important to remember that all remedies are potentized substances — that is, they carry the energy of the originating substance, not the substance itself.
  • Sometimes (less so in the USA), homeopaths prescribe placebo pills if the patient psychologically  “needs” to be taking daily doses (whereas, usually, a single dose of the remedy is usually sufficient to carry them for a much longer period of time.)

As far as who are homeopaths that will reveal the names of remedies in Bangalore, I’m afraid I have no idea.  I don’t have that many names of homeopaths in India.  Perhaps you have to look around and ask if the homeopath will reveal remedy names before engaging them.

As far as using remedies instead of vaccines, it is not my field of expertise. But it is becoming very popular.  It’s an area of treatment called “homeoprophylaxis”, and the leader in this area is Isaac Golden, a homeopath from Australia who has experimented with it for many years, and claims success.  Beginning last October, conferences in the USA are being held about this approach. There are a few books written about it too.

To learn more about homeoprophylaxis, you might start your search at Isaac Golden’s site — This site includes links to the conferences as well. Another resource is Kate Birch’s blog, Vaccine Free. Kate is a practitioner who has written a couple of books about homeoprophylaxis. You might also be interested in checking out the November 2015 issue of The California Homeopath, which is focused on homeoprophylaxis.

I hope this is helpful!


Can ‘Like Cures Like’ Be Applied to Tinnitus?


Hi. After reading about the Law of Similars, I had some sort of awareness about my condition suffering from Tinnitus. In “likes cure likes”, bringing two things of like vibration together, a remedy and patient, and the effect will be a cure of the patient’s disease. So if I could get the vibration of the sound of my Tinnitus in my ear to connect with the same vibrational sound outside, could that possibly bring about a cure? Do you have any suggestions on this idea?

Regards, Loraine.


Hi Loraine.

What a fascinating idea!  After a quick Google search, I did find one link, which describes how a man was able to alleviate his tinnitus this way.

Of course, there are lots of examples of “likes cure likes” outside the realm of homeopathic remedies.  For example, one way of removing soot from the glass window of a fireplace is to rub it with the ash from the fireplace!  Another example is the use of Ritalin (speed) for children with ADD.  However, although this kind of approach to medical treatment can  help, from a homeopathic point of view it is ill-advised because such drugs are on a gross material level and can cause harm. For example, before antibiotics, mercury was used as a successful treatment for syphilis (though with horrible side effects).  But interestingly, the homeopathic remedy made from Mercury (nontoxic because it is in highly dilute and potentized form) is also a tried and true remedy for syphilis.

If finding the tone of your tinnitus does not help you, please know that many homeopathic remedies are associated with tinnitus, each associated with its own peculiar symptoms.  In other words, there may be hope that your tinnitus can be cured with homeopathy!  To do so, however, I recommend seeing a good certified classical homeopath.  You might visit the referrals page on my book site to find one.

I hope this helps, and thanks for your interesting question!




Sleeping Problems after Homeopathic Remedy


Dear Amy,

I am on homeopathic therapy for a year and a half because of a vascularized nodule in my thyroid gland and solid dysplasia in my breast. My thyroid hormone levels were always ok and I had no health problems. Nodule was diagnosed upon routine ultrasound check of thyroid gland.

My therapy consists of only one pill every three months. At the beginning of the treatment I got many problems I didn’t have before (eczema on my face, frequent menstruation.). The worst thing is that I got sleeping problems. I wake in the middle of the night or very early in the morning and there is no chance to continue sleeping without taking some pills.

My remedy was changed in June and my sleeping became normal again. Dysplasia in my breast decreased a lot. I was more than happy. I got the same therapy in September and the sleeping problems returned. Usually, the sleeping starts to improve just before next therapy, but not this time. My therapist think there is nothing to worry about but I am really falling apart. I am afraid I will become sleeping pill addict.

What is your opinion? Did you have similar case in your practice? I didn’t find anywhere on the net that someone had a similar reaction. How can the same remedy produce different body reaction? Can this constant lack of sleep cause deterioration of my thyroid state?

Thank you. – Jelena




First of all, I want to clarify that I am not a practicing homeopath!  I am more of an educator to the general public, which I do for free.  So my response to you is based on my homeopathic studies and my personal experience as an individual.

It sounds like your homeopath found a good remedy for you in June.  My guess is that perhaps it was repeated again too soon or perhaps you need to change the potency.  In other words, the remedy is correct (wonderful!), but perhaps the dosing needs to be changed.

Both of your problems (the thyroid and breast) are hormonal in nature. It is not surprising, therefore, that your reactions have included effects on your menstruation and sleep problems, which are common hormonal symptoms.  Eczema is also a common reaction to remedies, since it is an exteriorization of disease onto the skin, where it is more benign.

Even when they are not hormonally-based, sleep disturbances are also not uncommon responses to remedies.  Usually sleeplessness will pass after a week or two.  I sympathize though, because I myself tend to suffer from occasional insomnia — sometimes as an aggravation from a remedy–  and I hate it!

Rather than sleeping pills, I suggest starting with other strategies, such as meditation and also an examination of what’s bothering you — including talking to yourself out loud about it or writing in a journal.  While not getting sleep is certainly not great for you, it will probably not affect your hormonal problems unless it goes on for a very long time.

My recommendation is to stay in touch with your homeopath and follow his guidance.  He sounds like an experienced homeopath.  I don’t know his clinic, but it sounds like he has found a good remedy for you.  He is also a doctor, so I assume he is keeping a close eye on your condition.  That is good!

I hope this helpful!