Homeopathy for Bells Palsy? … and Similar Questions


Is there a homeopathic remedy for Bell’s Palsy?  I am looking for something asap.  Thank you.  -Shirley



I get questions like this one quite frequently.  Of course, there are homeopathic remedies associated with almost any problem. All you need to do is type into Google:  “homeopathy <problem>” and you will find ideas.  For example, for Bell’s Palsy, I found this one — 10 Best Homeopathic Remedies for Bell’s Palsy.

But my purpose in writing this article is to point out something much more important: Except for obvious transient acute ailments (like the flu), most problems are best treated holistically by a homeopath, not by yourself.  Yes, there might be a remedy that could match your particular expression of Bell’s Palsy, and yes, you could get lucky and pick the right remedy in the right potency, and yes, you might learn enough about homeopathy so that you choose the right potency and dosing method and you don’t overdose yourself.

But the deeper and more pertinent question is — why do you have Bell’s Palsy?  The true solution to your problem will be to treat your whole self, which will include the underlying  problem that caused your Bell’s Palsy.  In other words, treatment under the guidance  of a certified homeopath is your best option. Reading my book Impossible Cure will  help you better understand this point. And on the Impossible Cure website, you will also find pointers to homeopathic referrals.

I hope this is helpful!




Changing Diet When Undergoing Homeopathic Treatment


Dear Amy,

My homeopathic doctor doesn’t want me to change my son’s diet.  Is this okay?



The reason that your homeopath doesn’t want you to change your son’s diet is that he or she wants to be able to clearly see the effects of the remedy. If you change your son’s diet at the same time, it’s harder to tell what did what.

However, removing things from the diet (for example, dairy or gluten) can really help many children.  In fact, these foods can be an obstacle to the remedy working as well as it could.  So I would discuss this with your homeopath.  Perhaps after the homeopath feels that the remedy has been helping for while, they might agree that you can now change the diet and see if that also helps.

Another approach, in general, would be to introduce things like dietary changes before embarking on homeopathic treatment.  In general, you should not introduce many changes all at once since it creates confusion in understanding remedy reactions and effects.

I hope this is helpful.


Knowing the Name of a Remedy; Homeoprophylaxis as an Alternative to Vaccination


Dear Amy,

I am a father of a new born baby and a 4 year old girl (healthy and happy). I am serious about not vaccinating my children and want proper homeopathic alternatives. I would like to know if there exists a mapping/homeopathic equivalents for the WHO recommended basic vaccines? I want my children to be safe and do not want modern vaccines to be injected.

I live in India, Bangalore. The problem here is that I have not found a good homeopath who has expertise in this area or who will reveal the name of the remedy used.

I have complete faith in homeopathy but do not want to take to it without knowing what my children are being given. When my first child was 1 year old, she was treated by an Homeopath and the symptoms worsened… Later we had to rush to emergency. Recently we had one more such episode, where the Homeopath, a well-meaning doctor, very much trustworthy and effective, advised us to go to a pediatrician as the medicines did not help in recovery and my child’s temperature kept raising (it was a cough and bronchitis-like respiratory problem). We went to another homeopath through a good reference and now my child recovered, absolutely fine! Hence, I would like to know what remedies are prescribed by a Homeopath. As a parent it is my need and my responsibility.

Kindly help me out. I need to know the remedies that can substitute for vaccines, and I need to know how to get to a good homeopath, even if necessary online or through a video conference, to have my children develop strong immunity. Getting in touch with a homeopath who can reveal what remedies he/she is giving is a challenge here, in Bangalore, India.

Looking forward to your guidance in this regard.



Hi Umashankar.

I agree with you about not knowing the name of a remedy.  I personally would never go to a homeopath that didn’t tell me the name of a remedy I was given.  However, the practice of not revealing the remedy name is quite common in other countries — less so in the USA, because it would generally be considered unethical.

Some of the reasons for not revealing the remedy name include:

  • Some patients rush to look up the remedy online and begin to question the prescription, not understanding the subtleties in homeopathic prescribing.  No patient would match all the symptoms listed under a remedy, which encompass every symptom ever associated with the remedy, including some very severe pathological states. There are also reasons for prescribing a remedy that would not be obvious to a patient — for example, various remedy relationships.
  • Some patients will go and buy more of the remedy and  start overdosing themselves.
  • Some patients will be scared by the nature of the remedy (for example, remedies made from diseases).  However, it is important to remember that all remedies are potentized substances — that is, they carry the energy of the originating substance, not the substance itself.
  • Sometimes (less so in the USA), homeopaths prescribe placebo pills if the patient psychologically  “needs” to be taking daily doses (whereas, usually, a single dose of the remedy is usually sufficient to carry them for a much longer period of time.)

As far as who are homeopaths that will reveal the names of remedies in Bangalore, I’m afraid I have no idea.  I don’t have that many names of homeopaths in India.  Perhaps you have to look around and ask if the homeopath will reveal remedy names before engaging them.

As far as using remedies instead of vaccines, it is not my field of expertise. But it is becoming very popular.  It’s an area of treatment called “homeoprophylaxis”, and the leader in this area is Isaac Golden, a homeopath from Australia who has experimented with it for many years, and claims success.  Beginning last October, conferences in the USA are being held about this approach. There are a few books written about it too.

To learn more about homeoprophylaxis, you might start your search at Isaac Golden’s site —  hpworldwidechoice.com. This site includes links to the conferences as well. Another resource is Kate Birch’s blog, Vaccine Free. Kate is a practitioner who has written a couple of books about homeoprophylaxis. You might also be interested in checking out the November 2015 issue of The California Homeopath, which is focused on homeoprophylaxis.

I hope this is helpful!


Can ‘Like Cures Like’ Be Applied to Tinnitus?


Hi. After reading about the Law of Similars, I had some sort of awareness about my condition suffering from Tinnitus. In “likes cure likes”, bringing two things of like vibration together, a remedy and patient, and the effect will be a cure of the patient’s disease. So if I could get the vibration of the sound of my Tinnitus in my ear to connect with the same vibrational sound outside, could that possibly bring about a cure? Do you have any suggestions on this idea?

Regards, Loraine.


Hi Loraine.

What a fascinating idea!  After a quick Google search, I did find one link, which describes how a man was able to alleviate his tinnitus this way.

Of course, there are lots of examples of “likes cure likes” outside the realm of homeopathic remedies.  For example, one way of removing soot from the glass window of a fireplace is to rub it with the ash from the fireplace!  Another example is the use of Ritalin (speed) for children with ADD.  However, although this kind of approach to medical treatment can  help, from a homeopathic point of view it is ill-advised because such drugs are on a gross material level and can cause harm. For example, before antibiotics, mercury was used as a successful treatment for syphilis (though with horrible side effects).  But interestingly, the homeopathic remedy made from Mercury (nontoxic because it is in highly dilute and potentized form) is also a tried and true remedy for syphilis.

If finding the tone of your tinnitus does not help you, please know that many homeopathic remedies are associated with tinnitus, each associated with its own peculiar symptoms.  In other words, there may be hope that your tinnitus can be cured with homeopathy!  To do so, however, I recommend seeing a good certified classical homeopath.  You might visit the referrals page on my book site to find one.

I hope this helps, and thanks for your interesting question!




Sleeping Problems after Homeopathic Remedy


Dear Amy,

I am on homeopathic therapy for a year and a half because of a vascularized nodule in my thyroid gland and solid dysplasia in my breast. My thyroid hormone levels were always ok and I had no health problems. Nodule was diagnosed upon routine ultrasound check of thyroid gland.

My therapy consists of only one pill every three months. At the beginning of the treatment I got many problems I didn’t have before (eczema on my face, frequent menstruation.). The worst thing is that I got sleeping problems. I wake in the middle of the night or very early in the morning and there is no chance to continue sleeping without taking some pills.

My remedy was changed in June and my sleeping became normal again. Dysplasia in my breast decreased a lot. I was more than happy. I got the same therapy in September and the sleeping problems returned. Usually, the sleeping starts to improve just before next therapy, but not this time. My therapist think there is nothing to worry about but I am really falling apart. I am afraid I will become sleeping pill addict.

What is your opinion? Did you have similar case in your practice? I didn’t find anywhere on the net that someone had a similar reaction. How can the same remedy produce different body reaction? Can this constant lack of sleep cause deterioration of my thyroid state?

Thank you. – Jelena




First of all, I want to clarify that I am not a practicing homeopath!  I am more of an educator to the general public, which I do for free.  So my response to you is based on my homeopathic studies and my personal experience as an individual.

It sounds like your homeopath found a good remedy for you in June.  My guess is that perhaps it was repeated again too soon or perhaps you need to change the potency.  In other words, the remedy is correct (wonderful!), but perhaps the dosing needs to be changed.

Both of your problems (the thyroid and breast) are hormonal in nature. It is not surprising, therefore, that your reactions have included effects on your menstruation and sleep problems, which are common hormonal symptoms.  Eczema is also a common reaction to remedies, since it is an exteriorization of disease onto the skin, where it is more benign.

Even when they are not hormonally-based, sleep disturbances are also not uncommon responses to remedies.  Usually sleeplessness will pass after a week or two.  I sympathize though, because I myself tend to suffer from occasional insomnia — sometimes as an aggravation from a remedy–  and I hate it!

Rather than sleeping pills, I suggest starting with other strategies, such as meditation and also an examination of what’s bothering you — including talking to yourself out loud about it or writing in a journal.  While not getting sleep is certainly not great for you, it will probably not affect your hormonal problems unless it goes on for a very long time.

My recommendation is to stay in touch with your homeopath and follow his guidance.  He sounds like an experienced homeopath.  I don’t know his clinic, but it sounds like he has found a good remedy for you.  He is also a doctor, so I assume he is keeping a close eye on your condition.  That is good!

I hope this helpful!


Autism with Chiari Malformation


Hi Amy,
Read your blog – thanks for all the information, I will buy your book next. I have bought so many books since my son has been diagnosed wtih Autism that I have not gone through half of them.

I am seriously considering homeopathy. We have been using supplements, are on a GFCF diet, and have used Bumetanide (allopathy) – it helped a little.

Question: My son has also been diagnosed with Chiari malformation (14mm). Neurosurgeon recommends doing a decompression surgery as it it big and it has been seen in kids with autism more. He has some symptoms for Chiari since his regression — has lost interest in physical activities like biking, walking, speech delay, etc. But he also has some symptoms which are close to what I read about your personal experience — like head sweats, hairy, sensitive and stubborn, hyperactive. I was wondering if I should proceed with surgery as all the antibiotics, pain meds might not be good for him.

He is getting a little better with ABA and good nutrition and Bumetanide.



Hi B.

Of course, I cannot make a recommendation one way or another about the surgery. I am not a doctor. But you are right, surgery will certainly be a disruption for your son, who, as an autistic individual, is already quite sensitive mentally and physically.

My question is — will this surgery be curative for his autism? Many autistic children also have symptoms like those in Chiari malformation. What is the true cause of your son’s symptoms? Chiari or autism? Or both?

I personally don’t know if this malformation is imminently dangerous or not, or whether it will grow over time. I’m not a doctor.  If it is not dangerous and will not grow, then would there be any downside in delaying this surgery and trying other approaches first?  For example, you might start with homeopathy and also osteopathy and see how far you get.

Certainly, both homeopathy and osteopathy will be helpful to your son if you do elect for surgery.  They both could be extremely helpful in aiding in recovery.

I hope this helps.  Reading my book Impossible Cure will help you understand what homeopathy is all about.  To learn more about traditional (hands-on) osteopathy, including referrals to practitioners, visit osteodoc.com/find.htm.


Homeopathy for Schizophrenia, Phobias, etc.


Where can I find info-testimonials about children with phobias/schizophrenia?




Homeopathy has an excellent track record at treating a variety of psychological and mental problems — some of them very challenging, such as OCD, schizophrenia, and Alzheimers.  Most homeopaths see patients with problems like depression and anxiety  almost every day.  The homeopathic materia medica is full of remedies that address a variety of mental, emotional, and behavioral problems.  In fact, even if a patient’s primary complaint is physical, it is often their mental/emotional/behavioral symptoms that lead to the correct remedy.  You will find a thorough explanation of this in my book Impossible Cure.

For severe problems like schizophrenia or Alzheimers, treatment by an experienced homeopath is recommended. There are also quite a few homeopaths who are  licensed  psychiatrists; visiting such a practitioner is certainly recommended in a case of serious mental illness.

For testimonials, you might  begin by reading through the Cure Stories Database on the Impossible Cure site. There are numerous cases of autism treatment described, as well as cases of insanity and Tourette’s.  My book includes testimonials about cures of Alzheimer’s and OCD.

Unfortunately, I don’t personally know of any databases of  testimonials for schizophrenia cures, but by searching for “homeopathy schizophrenia” or “homeopathy phobia” you will find many articles.

I hope this is helpful!


Regression, Remedy changes, etc.


Hi Amy.
I have a 10 year old son with autism and I did take him to a classical homeopath. His main issues are extreme controlling behavior; extreme lack of impulse control; severe constipation; very poor social behavior; and lack of focus/interest. He is very verbal and bright though. He responded very well initially to Tuberculinum and Lycopodium, but they now have stopped working for him and we don’t see any benefits from them. We are now trying Carcinosin (started) and Natrum Muriaticum (not started yet). But we don’t see the big gains we did when we initially started on Tuberculinum and Lycopodium. In fact he has shown regression in some of the behaviours we had eliminated earlier.

Are these two things common:
1. For a benefit to stop working?
2. Some medicines to cause regressions?
How long do people stay on a medication that works for them?

Thank you. Lakshmi



These are indeed difficult questions, especially without knowing more about your son’s case.  There are many possibilities and I have several questions.

How long did you stay on the initial remedies, Tuberculinum and Lycopodium? Did the homeopath try many different potencies and dosing options before abandoning them?

Usually, if a remedy is doing well for a patient, one should not abandon it before trying other potencies and even methods of dosing.  For example, if you were given dry doses, then switching to more regular liquid dosing may be needed.  Sometimes you can try a shift from C potencies to LM potencies, or vice versa.  Sometimes, even a small change in dosing (e.g., increasing the number of teaspoons at each liquid dose, or number of succussions of the remedy bottle) can make a difference.  Also, most homeopaths tend to go “up” in potency when a particular potency stops having an effect, but going down to lower potencies can also be the solution.  I believe that each potency level addresses different aspect of the case.

Why is the homeopath using two remedies at a time?  I see that he or she is giving both a nosode (Tuberculinum, Carcinosin) and a more traditional “constitutional” remedy (Lycopodium, Natrum Muriaticum). I understand the thinking, but it may be possible that it was really the Tuberculinum or the Lycopodium that was doing the work.

How long have you been on the Carcinosin and Natrum Muriaticum?  A week? Three months?  Sometimes it takes a month to see changes. And even the most subtle improvements can be signs of the remedy working.

As far as the regression. Unfortunately, this can mean many things, and it depends on how things progress.

For example, sometimes a correct remedy can cause old symptoms to return.  However, if this is the case, those symptoms should disappear within a few days, or at most couple of weeks.  Think of it as bringing up the symptoms and then more completely healing them.

Is it possible that you have introduced some new factor that is antidoting your son’s remedies or is a “maintaining cause” that is causing this regression?  These factors could be new foods, supplements, changes in social milieu at home or at school, environmental, etc.

It’s also possible, of course, that the new remedies are simply incorrect and your homeopath has to take a new approach.

This is the work of your homeopath and you must consult with them and ask these questions. Treatment of autism is difficult, complex, and may have ups and downs. And frankly, sometimes the homeopath just isn’t getting the case or doesn’t have the experience to handle it.  I always suggest that you give the process at least a few months (ideally, at least 6 months) to see at least some forms of improvement and change, trust your instincts, and if all else fails, find a new homeopath if you need to.

However patience is always needed.  This is a long-term process, not a quick fix.

I hope this is helpful!



Questions About Dosing Children


Got your book in Kindle store. Extremely informative. Question on your son and other ASD and ADHD kids is that they quickly swallow the medicine. But aren’t homeopathic medicines supposed to be kept under the tongue for two to three minutes? Secondly, only two to three drops are given, but you gave a teaspoon full. Thirdly, I want to know if after the homeopathic treatment did he grow tolerant of milk to the extent that he could take milk daily? Thanks.



Ratan, I am glad you are enjoying Impossible Cure.

The truth is, these nuances in dosing make relatively little difference. Of course, it may be best to hold the remedy in your mouth for a while (only a few seconds is recommended, not minutes!) because it then makes more contact with the mucosa. But the truth is, once it enters your body it is in there. Even touching a pill can give you a little dose.  That’s why it’s best if only the patient touches the remedy being taken.

The same goes for 2-3 drops vs. teaspoonful vs. tablespoonful, etc. These nuances might make a difference for the most sensitive patient, but for most people, it does not make a difference.  That’s why one pill or 10 pills at once, it doesn’t really make a difference.

What does make a difference is how often the remedy is repeated. Taking one drop every day for 10 days is like hitting your system over and over. Taking 10 drops on one day is just one hit.

Think of it this way.  A remedy is more like a quality than a quantity.  It’s like a vibration or sound. A dose of remedy tunes your body to a vibration. If you do it over and over again, it will really affect you, like listening to a song or some other sound over and over again.  If you listen to a sound for 2 seconds vs. 10 seconds though, it makes less of a difference.  Impossible Cure also explains this.

As far as milk goes.  We kept Max on goat’s milk for many years.  He didn’t drink a lot of milk anyway — just a little in morning cereal.  By the time he was around 11 years old, though, he would be away at camp in the summer and drank regular milk there. But when we were at home, he had goat’s milk.  Today, at age 23, Max has no problems with dairy, though as an adult, he is a bit lactose intolerant (it causes gas). However, I am also a bit lactose intolerant as well, and so are many people in my family.

So the answer is — food intolerances can go away with homeopathic treatment, but they are often the last to go and can take several years.  I would not introduce foods back in until much later, and only one at a time and with caution.

Hope this helps!


Baby Loses Gross Motor Skills


I have a 2 year old who was born perfectly healthy. At around 16 months he slowly started losing gross motor skills. He stopped crawling, drinking from a straw and pulling up to cruise (he never walked). He is currently seen at Duke University and they have done every neurological test and they have come back normal. We’re now considering alternative routes.

– Nicole



Unfortunately, your experience is that of an increasing number of parents. My suggestion is to investigate the possibility of vaccine damage closely. Loss of gross motor skills can be a type of vaccine injury. Unfortunately, conventional medical doctors will be loathe to admit it, and very likely are unaware that this is even possible. Just type in “gross motor skills lost vaccine injury” to Google and you will find examples.

I am glad that you are now pursuing alternative routes. One route you should explore is treatment by a hands-on osteopath.  This site will lead you to osteopathic referrals.

Of course, my own area of expertise is homeopathy. If you are near Duke, then you probably live near Durham, N.C.  I recommend you visit this site to find a certified classical homeopath.  In Durham, I personally know of Julia Insley and Rosemary Hyde. As always, I recommend interviewing possible homeopaths in your area and going with your intuition.  Reading my book Impossible Cure will also serve as a good guide for you.

Best wishes for your child’s complete recovery!  You are starting early, so you have every reason to be optimistic. Please be patient with the process.