Baby Loses Gross Motor Skills


I have a 2 year old who was born perfectly healthy. At around 16 months he slowly started losing gross motor skills. He stopped crawling, drinking from a straw and pulling up to cruise (he never walked). He is currently seen at Duke University and they have done every neurological test and they have come back normal. We’re now considering alternative routes.

– Nicole



Unfortunately, your experience is that of an increasing number of parents. My suggestion is to investigate the possibility of vaccine damage closely. Loss of gross motor skills can be a type of vaccine injury. Unfortunately, conventional medical doctors will be loathe to admit it, and very likely are unaware that this is even possible. Just type in “gross motor skills lost vaccine injury” to Google and you will find examples.

I am glad that you are now pursuing alternative routes. One route you should explore is treatment by a hands-on osteopath.  This site will lead you to osteopathic referrals.

Of course, my own area of expertise is homeopathy. If you are near Duke, then you probably live near Durham, N.C.  I recommend you visit this site to find a certified classical homeopath.  In Durham, I personally know of Julia Insley and Rosemary Hyde. As always, I recommend interviewing possible homeopaths in your area and going with your intuition.  Reading my book Impossible Cure will also serve as a good guide for you.

Best wishes for your child’s complete recovery!  You are starting early, so you have every reason to be optimistic. Please be patient with the process.



Recurring Emotional Patterns and Psychosomatic Illness


Hi Amy.

I am suffering from psychosomatic disorder for a while now. Will your book Active Consciousness be able to provide some insights on this? It’s been six years (and it’s affecting every aspect of my life) and I only found out that it is psychosomatic disorder a month ago, and I’m seeking help.

Relationship-wise, I am still recovering from a break up and it has been difficult. However, I do realize that there is a recurring pattern in all my relationships. All of them never survive the first big heated argument. How do I rectify that? I actually wish to reconcile with this person that I have just broken up with. How do I actually do that on the soul level?




There is so much to say in answer to your question. Although your illness may be termed “psychosomatic”, please know that almost all physical illnesses have both a psychological and a somatic (physical) component. Indeed, in my view, almost all physical illnesses ultimately begin in the psyche.  You might be interested in this article that I wrote about this topic.

It is wonderful that you are about to begin a period of reflection about your recurring emotional patterns in life. It may not only help to heal your physical woes, but set you on a path toward wholeness and healing in general. Reading Parts V and VI in Active Consciousness might be very helpful in discovering your “stories” and patterns and releasing them.

However, be aware that the process of manifestation described in Active Consciousness cannot (and should not) be used to force a relationship upon anyone.  The question is, what is the highest good that your Higher or Inner Self wants?  If it is compatible with that of your partner’s Self, then perhaps you will find reconciliation. You might also check out the other articles I have written about relationships on this blog.

In my writing, I have often touched upon the topic of Huna, a system of thought and behavior based on ideas from Hawaiian shamanism.  In fact, I have just begun writing a new book that makes many of the ideas from Active Consciousness more accessible and practical through the lens of Huna!

Your problem with your relationships is a perfect way to apply ideas from Huna.  You have identified an emotional pattern or “complex”.  The next question is, when did this first occur?  Can you come up with an incident?  What are your beliefs about it? What are your emotions around it? For example, do you believe that relationships can never survive disagreement? Does this belief arise in your family of origin, or from some experience in the past?  What is your emotion?  Where in your body do you feel it?  (And does it by any chance relate to your physical problems?) You can start to release a complex by stating your intention (out loud and in writing) to do so and performing a ritual to remove it.  Written and spoken statements are take very seriously by the part of yourself in which your emotions reside, sometimes called the Basic Self.

Finally, one form of medicine that is excellent at helping with problems like these and creating deep shifts in awareness and consciousness is homeopathy.  You might be interested in reading my first book, Impossible Cure.

I hope this is helpful!


General Homeopathic Advice for Systemic Problems

remediesI often get questions like the following one:

Could you please make a recommendation for hypothyroid and low adrenal?

My response to any question like this is always the same:  see a homeopath, preferably an experienced classical homeopath. There is not a single remedy for a problem like hypothyroid or low adrenals.

The selection of a remedy and the treatment plan for any systemic problem like this one —  functional problems in which organs of the body are not operating within normal ranges — is almost always based on the patient’s overall constitution.  The only way to find the correct remedy for you  is through private consultation with a classical homeopath, who will investigate all your symptoms,  physical, mental, and emotional, and find the correct remedy for you.

Reading Impossible Cure is the best way to understand what I’m talking about.  My website also provides guidance about how to find a good homeopath.

I hope this helps!



Dog gets abscesses after vaccination


Hi, my puppy has a few abcesses on his body — one of them was at an injection site from a parvo shot. However the others just appeared at random spots. He has one on his face that didn’t properly open since he is wearing a cone so the abxcess got chaffed by the cone, two on his legs, and one on his shoulder where he got the shot. Could a bacteria cause abscesses to form at different parts of a dogs body? He is a stay home dog so he doesn’t have contact with objects that could have harmed him. By the way, he is on antibiotics and the abscesses have been drained and opened for the puss to be released.

Thank you, Denisse


Hi Denisse.

First of all, you might try reading a previous Ask Amy post about another dog with abscess problems.

Of course, I’m not a vet, so it’s hard to say for sure, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the parvo shot led to a systemic reaction in your dog. My recommendation is to work with a homeopathic vet (see link above for information.)

The remedy Silica, by the way, is both a good remedy for abscesses and for correcting vaccination damage.

Hope this helps!


Homeopathic Aggravation Causing Extreme Anxiety

discomfortI am posting the following correspondence to stress the fact that homeopathy can be powerful medicine. A good homeopath will always respond to the sensitivity of a patient. While a patient’s response to a particular potency or remedy can’t always be predicted in advance, there are ways to antidote or mitigate aggravations, and then to adjust the dose.

While an aggravation that lasts just a few days is no problem and can even portend healing coming your way, if you are experiencing prolonged suffering from homeopathic treatment, your homeopath may be giving you the wrong remedy, too many remedies, too frequently, or in too high doses. Any of these are possibilities and your homeopath should respond appropriately.


Hi Amy.

I have been under the care of a classical homeopath for my anxiety for five months and it has been a living hell. I have only had one good day, sadly. We’ve gone through five remedies that have only caused my anxiety to skyrocket consistently for these five months. I am exhausted and don’t know what to do. I had to stop driving a month ago because I’m so tired, and barely make it to work. Before this I was very active and loved strenuous physical exercise, but have not been able to do any in five months. My homeopath just tells me not too worry, be patient and this will pass. Meanwhile I’m suffering and am depressed that I can no longer do the things I love. I feel trapped and would never advise anyone to try homeopathy. What has gone wrong? What should I do to end this horror? Thank you for your time.



Hi Irene.

I’m so sorry to hear about your situation. My advice is to stop taking any remedy immediately. Hopefully, your symptoms will subside after a few days.   If not, you may need to antidote the remedy, e.g., by rubbing Vicks on your chest. You are probably having really bad aggravations, and the dosing begin given to you is likely way too much for you.

Your homeopath should be adjusting the dose or having some response to your situation. In the meantime, it looks like you really need to stop the remedy.  You might find that after it wears off, you start feeling better than before.



Thank you so much for responding so quickly Amy. Even though my friend did great with [homeopath] after two years (for Lyme), she admits she suffered terribly especially during the first year. Now I’ve heard homeopathy is the gentle medicine and thought it might get a little rough, but I could handle it. I never expected to miss so much work along with what I mentioned in my first email. I feel like I’ve lost control of my life. It’s been very hard. Once again, thank you for any help, it is very much appreciated. Just hearing from you gives me hope.




I have never heard of [the  homeopath mentioned], nor does she have the credential that I prefer to see in a homeopath (CCH). Unfortunately, some homeopaths have a kind of “no pain no gain” attitude about things.  Perhaps your friend’s Lyme required that kind of thing, but it sounds like it’s all wrong for you.

On the positive side, and not to make light of your experience, but no one will be able to convince you that homeopathy is a “sugar pill”!

I do recommend [new homeopath], who I believe is not that far from you.  Feel free to tell him I sent you.  And please tell him how you reacted to these other remedies.  I hope this helps!


[Followup: Irene responded later that she is doing much better with the new homeopath.]

Treatment of Ascites


Can malignancy-caused ascites be treated with homeopathy? In my case it is due to peritoneal carcinoma. There is a YouTube video that shows it being cured without tapping or surgery.

-N. Shah


Dear N. Shah,

As you probably know, ascites is a gastroenterological term for an accumulation of fluid in the abdominal cavity. It can be caused by a variety of things, including cancer in the abdomen (such as yours), severe liver damage such as that caused by blood clots, congestive heart failure, pancreatitis, and hepatitis C. 

The video you provided is proof of the amazing things that homeopathy can accomplish!  Often, we see such things only in countries like India, where homeopathy is utilized as a mainstream form of medicine. Here in the United States, this kind of healing with homeopathy is rarely seen, since most people will go to conventional doctors in such cases.  Indeed, American homeopaths would be extremely reluctant not to refer to a doctor in a case as severe as the one in this video, for fear of prosecution.

Yes, I have no doubt that a case like this is legitimate. There are many remedies in the Materia Medica associated with ascites — around 100 remedies. Which one will be the best one for you will really depend on the details of your entire case. My recommendation is to see an expert homeopath. There are several in India who specialize especially in cancer treatment, and they may be able to help you — for instance:

You might also be interested in this article I wrote about “Homeopathy and Cancer”.

I hope this is helpful to you and others!



Do I Vaccinate My Teens?


Hello Amy.

I am struggling to get clear information for my 18 and 21 year old children. I elected to not vaccinate at the time of their birth, opting to breastfeed. One factor was information from my son’s father who is Native American and had a severe response to the MMR vaccine (or the course of vaccines) during his infancy. My understanding is that most research on vaccines efficacy and reactions is for Anglo-American children.

So now as an adult, which vaccines should be considered for international travel? My one son did have whooping cough, which I understand does not carry any immunity into adulthood, and chicken pox. He did get tetanus, Hep A and B, and polio vaccines recently for a trip to rural Asia. But with the recent measles hype, I am seeking information, not judgment and fear.

My primary care physician has no idea what to suggest, sending me on to the health department, and the CDC does not provide clear information on risks and consequences of the MMR, especially for people of Native American descent. Or of getting these diseases as an adult. Any suggestions?

– Carrie


Hi Carrie.

Your question is quite timely, given the recent explosion of hysteria about measles in the press.  First, you might check out this recent article I wrote about the measles, though it doesn’t directly answer your question.

First, I have to say, that I cannot make a recommendation to you about this issue.  This is up for you to decide, and actually, for your children to decide, since they are already adults.

Your question, however, underscores the problem of removing the experience of the childhood diseases from our children’s lives!  I am 59 and had all of the childhood diseases — measles, mumps, chickenpox, and rubella — and therefore am completely immune. This is true for pretty much all adults age 55 and over.

However, a large percentage of  adults younger than 55 who were vaccinated are no longer immune! The effects of vaccines tend to wear off.  If you think about it, though, that means that many adults who are traveling to foreign countries think they are immune to measles but are not! This has been true for a long time. But perhaps this may also give you a bit more confidence about the risk of your children getting measles while they are abroad.  And also know that the rate of deaths from measles in the USA (which has been occurring all along, even after the vaccine campaigns began), is extremely small.

As far as studies about the effects of measles vaccines.  Well, there really haven’t been any good studies about the long-term risks of most vaccines.  Did you know that the serum used by the “control” group for many trials is simply another vaccine? This has become standard practice!  Such trials merely measure if the tested vaccine causes worse effects than other vaccines already on the market!  This is obviously something that is not commonly known, though it is there for all to read  on Wikipedia.  Other trials use a “control” serum that contain the adjuvants (like mercury and aluminum) that many suspect are also to blame for vaccine injuries.  Why not use placebo?  Is it because the vaccine developers (who also conduct these trials) don’t want the true effects of their vaccines to be known?

As it turns out, a whistle-blower came forward last year and admitted that he was a co-author of a CDC study about the relationship between MMR and autism and had helped to fudge the data in order to hide the fact that it showed there was a significantly increased chance that black male children get autism from MMR.  Apparently, Obama has recently given this whistle-blower immunity so that he can step forward.

Finally, let’s no forget that disease is all about susceptibility.  A healthy adult is much less susceptible to infectious disease than a malnourished or unhealthy adult. They can certainly recover from such diseases better as well. And those of us who are fortunate enough to be aware of its benefits also have homeopathy at our disposal!  Remedies can certainly make the course of any of the childhood diseases much shorter and less severe. There are several good books out there about using remedies while traveling abroad, including their use for infectious diseases — for example, one written by my good friend Richard Pitt.

I hope this is helpful!





Homeopathy and Psoriasis


Have you had any success with the healing of psoriasis?  My daughter who is 31 has had it since she was 13.  It was 80% coverage, but with a lot of natural treatments and dietary changes, it is only on knees and elbows.  Thank you for your consideration.

– Her Mom


Dear Concerned Mom,

I know that psoriasis is really a horrible and irritating chronic problem, and that traditional medicine doesn’t provide many good answers, especially none that are truly curative. Did you know that the word “psoriasis” derives from the Hebrew word used in the Bible, “tzaraath,” for skin diseases? The common Jewish word for troubles or aggravations is “tzuris,”coming from the same word.

Luckily, it is precisely these kinds of intractable chronic problems that homeopathy excels at! Although it might take a while to find a good remedy and dosing regimen, cure is possible.  You will need patience, however.

First, know that I myself am not a practitioner. I am more of an educator to the general public (through sites like this one!).  I do this out of trying to help others and do not receive compensation for these efforts.

Interestingly, however, I did treat patients part-time for a couple of years, and one of them was a long-time psoriasis sufferer.  None of the remedies I prescribed for her was truly curative, but I got close; I  later  found out that a remedy closely related to the last one I prescribed for her  finally did do the trick!

Anyway, there is a lot of  evidence for the success of homeopathy in treating psoriasis.  For example, you might check out the following article that recently appeared online: Is Psoriasis Permanently Curable in Homeopathy?  This article has links to others about psoriasis too.  If you do a Google search on “psoriasis treatment homeopathy,” you will find many other articles as well.

I would say that pretty much any experienced homeopath has treated many cases of psoriasis.  My recommendation is to find a very good classical homeopath.  You can find referral information on the web site for my book Impossible Cure.

I hope this was helpful!



Winter Itching


itchy-skinI have a question. I am male, age 73yrs. I am getting itching all over my body in winters. Now it is severe; it was moderate some years back. I have started using Calendula/Graphitis/Thuja ointments and bio chemic no 20. Allopathy/dermatologist treatment was of no use. I am a lymphoma patient in remission for over 6 yrs and underwent chemotherapy. Help me.




I know how irritating itchiness can be.  I tend to be a bit itchy myself, especially my back in the evenings.  This is a very common symptom, particularly for post-menopausal women, because our skin becomes much drier. Your lymphoma treatment may have exacerbated this problem for you.

First, know that I am not a practitioner and do not provide treatment advice on this site.

My recommendation is that you see a  good classical homeopath for this problem.  While over-the-counter homeopathic creams can often do wonders and are a good self-treatment option for many patients, especially because they do not usually antidote remedies being taken for other problems (in fact, I use such creams myself on occasion), it seems to me that your problems are more systemic and deeper in nature — especially because of your past treatment for lymphoma. That is why treatment under the guidance of a homeopath might be more successful.  I do have some referrals lists on my site.

As readers of Impossible Cure know, I am also not a big fan of over-the-counter mixed remedies, such as biochemics. They do not provide very good homeopathic treatment.

Another option for you might be supplementation with oils — for example, fish oil or coconut oil. I have incorporated both into my daily health regimen because they have many other health benefits as well! Topical coconut oil might also be helpful. You can find a lot online about the use of such oils for itchiness. A good naturopath might also be helpful in providing advice about such supplements.

I hope this is helpful!


Useful Free Online Libraries


Old-BooksHi Amy.
I was wondering if you have heard of a web site called Joining is free and you can look up many books and read them on line. I looked up homeopathy and found some really old books to read. One that I think you should look up is Fifty Reasons For Being A Homeopath by James Compton Burnett, 1896.  Just thought I would pass this info along to you.



Jim, thanks for this info!  No, I wasn’t aware of this site! Thanks for passing this on to me and the other Ask Amy readers. I imagine that many of the old great homeopathic books are past copyright and available on this site.  What a great resource!

Burnett was certainly one of our homeopathic greats. I talk about him in my book Impossible Cure. I describe his conversion from allopathy to homeopathy, as well as the fact that he was one of the first homeopaths to discuss the problem of vaccinosis — disease being triggered by vaccinations — a problem that we are all too familiar with today.

Readers of Ask Amy might be interested in another wonderful source of free homeopathic treasures:  Another useful source of free books can be found on

The classics of homeopathy are as relevant today as they were back in the 1800s, because unlike allopathic medicine, the principles of homeopathy — Likes Cure Likes — never change!  If a remedy cured a symptom then, it still does today!