Homeopathy in Mexico; Impossible Cure in Spanish


Hi Amy.  I am Mexican and don’t speak too much English. Is your book translated into Spanish? Do you know any Homeopathic doctor in my country? Thank for your answer. God bless you. – Rocio



I have been trying to get a Spanish version of Impossible Cure published for a long time! Over the years, many people have written to me requesting a Spanish translation.  Unfortunately, I myself do not commission translations of my books — instead, foreign publishers approach me to arrange a translation deal.  A deal with a Mexican publisher was in the works a couple of years ago, but then mysteriously evaporated — they suddenly did not answer any correspondence.

However, here is a Spanish translation of an article written by me about homeopathic treatment of autism, which appeared in the June 2012 issue of Revista Homeopatica de la Salud magazine.

(For those interested, foreign language versions of Impossible Cure are currently available in German, Arabic, Czech, Greek, and very soon, Korean).

As far as homeopathy in Mexico, I suggest you try this referral list:


When you contact a homeopath, ask if they are a classical homeopath (sometimes called a “unicist” — that is, they use only one remedy at a time). Homeopathy is actually very popular and accepted throughout Latin America, and especially in South America.

I hope this is helpful!



The Role of Synchronicity in Relationships


I read your story of coming to your husband through synchronicity. I am curious how that might align with a woman having a gut feeling that she is meant to be with a certain man, and who feels that the universe is providing signs which affirm that. Can such instinct and “signs” be true? Are they indications that things are heading a certain way, or is this simply coincidence and does free will in decision making/choices trump what “feels” right? Is there a way to harness one’s consciousness towards a desired outcome?



Hi Marie.  It sounds like you are facing issues that all of us have faced at some point in our lives —  how to find love, how to know when fate is directing you toward a certain love, or whether it’s all “in your imagination”.

Marie, you do not describe the nature of the “signs” directing you toward this man.  Certainly, your “gut feelings” could simply be wish-fulfillment, though  sometimes such feelings can really be coming from  your Higher Self. However, true synchronicities, occurring in the outer world, are signs that you are “on the right track.”

My first piece of advice to you is this:  if your higher or inner Self is directing you to someone with synchronicities, then you must have TRUST that, in the end, things will work out as they should, especially if you follow the  heart of your inner Self (what I call “Choose Joy”) when opportunities come your way. It may take time, but as I always tell my kids — Trust in Great Spirit.  If the signals being given to you are genuine and not merely wishful thinking, then have faith.

As far as using consciousness to help you achieve a desired outcome, I do recommend that you read my book, Active Consciousness. First, by learning how to meditate and  how to contact your higher or inner Self, you may be able to distinguish between the desires of your ego versus genuine information coming from the Self.

Second, it is important to recognize that you probably cannot force a particular person to be in a relationship with you through the use of manifestation techniques like Active Consciousness.  What you can try to do is manifest a fulfilling loving relationship with a man. Choose as “Pure Goal” the type of relationship you want to be in. Then work cooperatively with your Self to manifest that relationship. It may or may not be with the particular man you have in mind, however. And as you work on this goal, stay alert for true synchronicities — they are  signs that you are on the right track.

I hope this is helpful!


Child with ASD symptoms — Can Reiki help? Was it due to a head injury? Help in India?


Hello Amy. I have a 7 year old daughter with some ASD symptoms, though she is highly cognitive. I wanted to know whether Reiki can help. Also, how can I confirm if it is due to any head injury?  Can you suggest any homeopaths in India, or if I can get online help from USA or any other country? Waiting in anticipation!

Anshu, Delhi, India


Hi Anshu.

Yes, I think Reiki can definitely be helpful.  I talk about it in my book, Impossible Cure (which I recommend you read before embarking on homeopathic treatment). I believe that hands-on healing methods can work synergistically with homeopathy, especially if they are more “passive” like Reiki, where the practitioner is not directing the energy, but merely letting the energy heal and direct itself through its own innate wisdom.

As far as the head injury, of course, there are allopathic means to determine if there was any gross injury involved.  More subtle and perhaps accurate, however, is to consult with a cranial osteopath.  I found this link online, and it’s in Delhi.


For osteopaths in other countries, check out this page which has a lot of useful information.

As far as finding a good homeopath in India — there are many!  I wish I had a better referral list in India though. I do not generally do referrals on Ask Amy, but below are are names of two people that have done research on autism treatment in India.  In addition, you might check the referral list on my book web site.

Prafal Bravalia in Mumbai
A new paper of his on autism treatment research has recently appeared.

Dr. M. A. Rajalakshmi
Anjana Homeopathic Care
#14, West Park Road, 9th Cross, Malleswaram
Bangalore-560003, Karnataka, India
Mobile number: +91-9449163350
Email: dr_raji@rediffmail.com or homeodr.raji@gmail.com
Website: http://sites.google.com/site/anjanahomeocare/
Two papers written by Dr. Rajalakshmi:
Role of Homoeopathy in the Management of Autism: Study of Effects of Homoeopathic Treatment on the Autism Triad
New Dimensions in the Treatment of Autism with Homeopathy

I hope this is helpful!

Healing Family Relationships with Active Consciousness


I was first introduced to you through your book “Impossible Cure” when I began my journey with homeopathy.  I am now about halfway through your book, “Active Consciousness”. I feel a kinship with you in a weird way because I have also read many of the authors you quote and have been on the search my entire adult life for the keys to accessing that dimension that so many authors, scientists and spiritual teachers talk about.

My question is about affecting or influencing others with active consciousness.  I see my 23 year old daughter flailing about in life, with no direction and creating unnecessary suffering for herself.  My heart breaks at times because I can sense that she is seeking something that I feel may have been missing in her childhood or that she is reacting to some of the incidents that I caused when she was growing up.  

I do realize that we must all live out our own journeys, but I was wondering if I am still influencing her with my perception of her and if I am actually doing more harm by not just seeing her as whole and complete.  Also, whether or not, there is some type of goal that I can create in Active Consciousness that would affect her and benefit her?



Wow, that’s a great question Katy.  As the mother of two sons, ages 23 and 26, I can relate to what you are asking, as I’m sure every other parent can too.

First, I think you must begin by forgiving yourself. Know that by the very act of  asking these wise questions, you are indeed, a loving and caring parent. No parent is perfect.  No one is perfect in any of their relationships.  We are all the sum of our experiences. However, we can strive through self-awareness efforts, to become more aware of our “stories” and how they have affected us, how they affect our relationships with others, and then let go of them. After you have begun to heal your own wounds, it will be easier to help your daughter as well.

At age 23, you must also accept that you are no longer the master of your child.  At best, you can be a helpful adviser and confidant. Hopefully, with time, your daughter will allow and welcome this kind of relationship with you. In my experience, one way to achieve this is, if you can, to admit your mistakes and failings to her openly, and to apologize for them and how they may have affected her.

I also truly believe that reflecting your daughter’s potential back to her can be healing. No matter how successful my own children are, I can tell it really buoys them when I tell them I have confidence in them, that I am proud of them, that I know they can get beyond whatever is troubling them.  Telling your child stories of your own struggles in life can also sometimes be helpful.  It helps them see that you have been through similar struggles and phases in your life, and that they can get to the other side of their troubles too.

Know that by first opening yourself up to your daughter (by admitting mistakes and telling of your own struggles) and then reflecting a vision of healing to her, you help break down walls of resistance between you both, and enable each of your essences to shine through to each other.

Of course, sometimes such steps are difficult to do, because the other individual is blocked, walled off, and unreceptive.  That is when active consciousness, on a more subtle level, can make a difference. By changing your state, your energy, your vision of your daughter, you can create a shift in her.  She may not understand what is happening consciously, but she will be affected by it subconsciously, on an energetic level.  This can even happen at a distance.

Here are some things to try out. First, before you enter into interactions with your daughter,  ground yourself and visualize things going extremely well. Fill yourself with love for her. If things don’t go perfectly, keep re-grounding and focusing on your innate love for her.  Your only job is to not to go into reaction and to stay as genuine and loving as you can. Try to let go of the immediate outcome, knowing that you are having a positive effect.

You can also, in meditation, project a future for your daughter in which she is happy and fulfilled. Do not project your own specific desires for her, but rather her simply being in a state of happiness and fulfillment. This will help the future to unfold so that these things  come about in a way that is best for her, from the perspective of her Higher or Inner Self.

As described in Active Consciousness, you can also use retrocausation to help heal the past. In meditation, go back to past painful events, and talk to both yourself and your daughter in a way that heals the wounds and that provides consolation to you both.  You might even try visualizing the events occurring differently so that wounds never occur.

Finally, I believe that after you read and digest Parts V and VI of Active Consciousness, you will discover many more answers to these and other questions.

I hope this helpful!



Role of Wheat and Dairy Elimination in Treating Aspergers and Other Autism Spectrum Diseases (ASD)


Hi Amy,

What role does wheat/casein elimination play in reducing Aspergers symptoms?

If you don’t mind I’ll give you precise information as to what I’ve done. I have been on and off homeopathic medicines for 9 years. I’m 29 now. My energy level is better when I’m off wheat, but how about dairy? Will I get better over time by staying off ice cream and milk?

I was being treated with homeopathic medicines from 2005-2010 and in 2014. I started wheat elimination in July 2011 and will never go back to wheat.  I began dairy elimination in December and would like to continue with no dairy forever.

Should I resume homeopathic medicine now that I plan on staying off the devious duo of wheat/casein? I want to know if brain functions in socializing will work better.

Lastly, I think we have to suffer through change of habits to get the payoff at the end. Life is about habits and admitting to being wrong when you’re not getting results.

Thank you for reading my questions.



Hi Michael,

I do think that both wheat and dairy elimination are important for ASD folks, which includes Aspergers.  The trick is to eliminate things one at a time (which you have) and see if you benefit.  You may find, for example, that it’s enough to eliminate straight milk but not all dairy, such as cheese.  Or, you may find that all dairy elimination achieves the best results.  After a couple of weeks, you should know if eliminating something is helping you feel better. Other things to try eliminating are  food colorings and genetically modified foods (which definitely means pretty  much all soy and corn unless it’s organic). I have also found that foods one has a strong craving for are often culprits as well.

And yes, of course, I think homeopathy will be able to help you more now that you are off of foods that are aggravating you.

Think of these foods as a “maintaining cause” (which I talk about in my book, Impossible Curewww.impossiblecure.com). A maintaining cause is something  that you are sensitive to and is constantly aggravating your system. It can be foods, poor diet, avoidable allergens, poor living conditions like dampness or mold, habits like heavy drinking or smoking, or toxic relationships or jobs.  These maintaining causes will make it harder for a remedy to do its work.  Part of the homeopath’s job is to help you identify maintaining causes and provide advice in eliminating them.

For ASD folks, and many other people really, foods with gluten and dairy in them aggravate them.  Some of this is due to the toxification of our food supply with GMO’s, pesticides, and other unnatural agricultural practices.  For example, I have recently discovered that most wheat is treated with glyphosate (aka Roundup) after it is harvested!  (To learn more about my own discoveries of such things, subscribe to my Twitter feed.)  And many find that they can consume raw, unpasteurized dairy products — and in fact, that it is healing rather than aggravating to them!

Nevertheless, eventually, with successful homeopathic treatment, you may be able to reintroduce these things, because you will have become less susceptible to and affected by them.  But often, food sensitivities may be the last to go. Proceed with caution as you reintroduce aggravating foods, and try to be as “clean” and organic as you can.

I hope this is helpful!


How to Eat? Vegan? Vegetarian? Omnivore?


Hi Amy,

I am curious what your general philosophy is surrounding food/diet. Do you view humans as evolving towards a “kinder” diet (vegan) or do you see humans as needing the bodies and products of animals? At this point in my life (I am almost 50), I find myself utterly confused and wearied by the conflicting views and beliefs about food. I get completely overwhelmed by all the nutritional information. Also, I have a daughter who has decided to eat as a vegan. I ask you this because I do so much appreciate your intelligent and holistic perspective.



Hi Debra.  Thanks for your question.

Well, I can only give you my personal opinion and perspective on this. As you say, this can be a very contentious and personal issue.  When it comes to diet, what people elect to do can often be based on personal religious or philosophical beliefs rather than on health.  I cannot comment one way or the other about that.  Everyone must follow their conscience.

When it comes to health, however, I believe that the appropriate diet is one that is healthy for the person.  If someone cannot tolerate gluten — say, it causes severe diarrhea or other symptoms — then they should not eat gluten until their body is healed from this intolerance.  If someone is allergic to nuts, then they should not eat nuts until this allergy is healed.

For the rest of us, however, the answer is: eat as balanced and as clean a diet as possible.  That means organic whenever possible, avoidance of all GMOs, an emphasis on vegetables and fruits, meat in moderation, whole grains, and avoidance of all processed foods.  In other words, home-cooking!  I’m also a strong believer  in avoiding all forms of artificial sweeteners (they are literally poisons!) and drinking water as your primary beverage — although tea and limited coffee is okay too for most people.

I believe if America made one dietary change and replaced all soda and juices with water, the obesity and diabetes epidemics, and perhaps more, would be greatly reduced. The second change, which subsumes this one, is that if people learned to cook again and ate only what they could make at home, they’d be a lot healthier.

Another problem with most of our diets is that we eat too much.  Eating out in restaurants has gotten us into that habit.  If you want to assess your portion sizes, I suggest you follow  recommendations of Weight Watchers, who provide excellent advice on that matter.  Another habit we have developed, due to restaurant eating and advertising, is eating way too many cookies and other sweets.  A little treat now and then is okay, but it should be a special thing, not an every day thing.  If you are craving something sweet, eat a piece of fruit.

As far as vegetarianism and veganism, especially for children — frankly, I am not a big fan of this.  I say this out of the experience of watching other families and their children.  Vegetarianism is doable for some children if their parents really know how to balance their diet and bring them up to eat healthily.  But children can be fussy eaters and it’s often hard to given them  proper nutrition, regardless of the diet we provide. (One good strategy, however, is to have the whole family eat together for meals — that is, set a good example of everyone eating a healthy, balanced diet at the same table.)

Unfortunately,  I have seen children in vegetarian homes become quite obese because they end up living on things like bread, pasta, and cheese.  Not a good idea. Veganism has the added difficulty of lacking first-class proteins in the form of eggs and dairy, and possible deficiencies in vitamins like B12. I suppose it is possible to compensate for this with grains, nuts, and beans.  But realistically, I personally believe that  first-class proteins and nutrients are necessary for children’s bodies, including their brains, to grow and mature properly.  For example, I know one boy who insisted on veganism as a child — in fact, he grew up to be an animal activist, so that was truly his life passion and I respect that.  However, as a teen and young man, he was gaunt and weak, when he should have been at the peak of his vigor.

Another problem with vegan and vegetarian diets is a tendency to eat a lot of soy products as meat and dairy substitutes.  Unfortunately, almost all soy is now GMO.  In addition, there are many people who now believe that soy is not a healthy food in large quantities because of its estrogenic properties.  Even the Japanese eat soy mostly in fermented form and in smaller quantities.

In other words, there may be some families who can make veganism (or vegetarianism) work, but in most cases, I think it’s too risky to play around with veganism for children.  Our children can’t get a redo on their childhood growth. If children want to become vegan, they can do so as adults. If they insist, let them simply be vegetarian as they grow up and demonstrate their ability to properly manage their diet, growth, and health.

Finally, you don’t say how old your daughter is. If  she is pregnant, I believe that the same holds true for pregnant women as for children.  We can hold true to our beliefs and take what comes — for our own bodies.  A pregnant woman, however, needs to think of the life growing within her.  I believe she needs more balanced nutrition than a vegan, and perhaps even a vegetarian, diet can provide.

My two cents!  I know that many will disagree!  While our minds and souls may be evolving away from eating animal-based foods, I don’t think our bodies have quite done so yet.





Tick Bites


Hi Amy,

My friend found a tick on her three year old last night. He doesn’t have symptoms today. Lymes is a worry. Any suggestions?



Hi Julie.  That is a worry.  Lyme Disease is serious business. Let me begin by saying that say I’m not a doctor, or even a practicing homeopath, so this is just my general advice.

First of all, I assume that they got the tick out cleanly — I’m sure you can find advice online about how to do that — i.e. they got it out without leaving the head of the tick still in there.  Ideally, when it is removed, the tick will still be alive. The “twisting counter clockwise” method usually is good for that.  Next, if possible, (and if the tick is dead or alive), keep the tick in a sealed jar.   You can then have it tested medically to see if it actually carries Lyme disease.  If it doesn’t, you can breathe easy! However, even if it does carry Lyme, the child may not have gotten it.

Clean the area completely and thoroughly.  If it was me, I’d use:  hydrogen peroxide frequently and alcohol and an antibiotic cream. Really clean out the area thoroughly.

Next, keep a look out for the red bulls-eye rash.  See this site for a description of what to look for.  It might or might not occur (even if you got Lyme) and it usually takes a few days.

Now, a doc would definitely tell you to take loads of antibiotics at this point.  This will be your choice, and obviously there are downsides to doing that, but upsides as well. However, those with Lyme will tell you that the antibiotics often aren’t helpful at all, and may make things worse. It’s a hard call.

The homeopathic “specific” remedy for Lyme, however, and for bites like this in general, is Ledum. I describe a case of Lyme cured using Ledum in my book Impossible Cure.  Personally, I’d give Ledum right away if it was me.

If the tick is tested and is negative for Lyme, then I’d relax at this point.  If it is positive for Lyme, I would get the child under the treatment of a good homeopath quickly.  You can check the referral lists on my book web site.

You might also check these articles about Lyme on the National Center for Homeopathy site.  There is also a somewhat technical book about the homeopathic treatment of Lyme.

I hope this is helpful!



How to Handle the Problem of Fleas in Pets, Using Homeopathy


Hello Amy,

I would like to know if there are any good homeopathic remedies for flea control on dogs and cats. I tried sulphur with no success on both my cat and dog. Or any other natural remedies, cats are very sensitive to even natural stuff.

Thank you.



Hi Martha! Welcome to Ask Amy!

First let me give you the deeper answer. The truth is, the healthier the animal, the less likely they will get fleas. I experienced this with my dogs.

My first dog was in my pre-homeopathy days. We did all the vaccines, flea collars, normal dog food, and all the rest. She died from cancer at age 10.

My second dog was in my homeopathy days. Although we got her from the pound and she got some vaccines and a flea bath there (she was 10 months), we avoided vaccination from that point on (for most of her life, just a 3-year rabies vaccine, and nothing at all in her elder years), fed her the best natural dog food, she was under the care of a homeopathic vet the whole time getting her constitutional remedy, and in her later years we even fed her the BARF (bones and raw food) diet. She lived to be 16 and was a largish dog too! She basically died of old age. And…
SHE NEVER HAD FLEAS.. We never used a flea collar. I know this for sure, because I am really reactive to flea bites. If I even pet someone else’s dog, even if they use flea collars and don’t think their dog has fleas, I often get a flea bite from them.

So the long answer is — find a homeopathic vet (most of them in the USA are licensed vets) — follow their advice, and your pet will likely no longer have fleas anymore. To find a good homeopathic vet, try: The Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy
Many of these vets have been trained by Dr. Pitcairn, who is really considered the “father” of homeopathic veterinary medicine, at least in the USA.

The short answer is: there is not “one remedy” for fleas. I don’t think so anyway. I recommend you consult the following two homeopathic veterinary books:

Homeopathic Care for Cats and Dogs by Don Hamilton
Dr. Pitcairn’s Guide to Natural Health for Dogs and Cats by Richard Pitcairn

These books will likely provide some specific remedy guidance for this specific problem, as well as others.  So buying one of them will probably be a good investment!

However, one remedy that does spring to mind, is Staphysagria, which is often a good general remedy for dealing with parasites.  For example, it is useful for a child with lice. Notice, once again, that it is more about treating the tendency to become vulnerable to parasites, rather than about treating the itching itself (with a remedy like Sulphur).

I hope this is helpful! I wish I could give you a simpler answer, but as is often the case, the truest answer is that a remedy that matches the patient is the best defense against disease, and in this case, susceptibility to parasites.