Tick Bites


Hi Amy,

My friend found a tick on her three year old last night. He doesn’t have symptoms today. Lymes is a worry. Any suggestions?



Hi Julie.  That is a worry.  Lyme Disease is serious business. Let me begin by saying that say I’m not a doctor, or even a practicing homeopath, so this is just my general advice.

First of all, I assume that they got the tick out cleanly — I’m sure you can find advice online about how to do that — i.e. they got it out without leaving the head of the tick still in there.  Ideally, when it is removed, the tick will still be alive. The “twisting counter clockwise” method usually is good for that.  Next, if possible, (and if the tick is dead or alive), keep the tick in a sealed jar.   You can then have it tested medically to see if it actually carries Lyme disease.  If it doesn’t, you can breathe easy! However, even if it does carry Lyme, the child may not have gotten it.

Clean the area completely and thoroughly.  If it was me, I’d use:  hydrogen peroxide frequently and alcohol and an antibiotic cream. Really clean out the area thoroughly.

Next, keep a look out for the red bulls-eye rash.  See this site for a description of what to look for.  It might or might not occur (even if you got Lyme) and it usually takes a few days.

Now, a doc would definitely tell you to take loads of antibiotics at this point.  This will be your choice, and obviously there are downsides to doing that, but upsides as well. However, those with Lyme will tell you that the antibiotics often aren’t helpful at all, and may make things worse. It’s a hard call.

The homeopathic “specific” remedy for Lyme, however, and for bites like this in general, is Ledum. I describe a case of Lyme cured using Ledum in my book Impossible Cure.  Personally, I’d give Ledum right away if it was me.

If the tick is tested and is negative for Lyme, then I’d relax at this point.  If it is positive for Lyme, I would get the child under the treatment of a good homeopath quickly.  You can check the referral lists on my book web site.

You might also check these articles about Lyme on the National Center for Homeopathy site.  There is also a somewhat technical book about the homeopathic treatment of Lyme.

I hope this is helpful!



How to Handle the Problem of Fleas in Pets, Using Homeopathy


Hello Amy,

I would like to know if there are any good homeopathic remedies for flea control on dogs and cats. I tried sulphur with no success on both my cat and dog. Or any other natural remedies, cats are very sensitive to even natural stuff.

Thank you.



Hi Martha! Welcome to Ask Amy!

First let me give you the deeper answer. The truth is, the healthier the animal, the less likely they will get fleas. I experienced this with my dogs.

My first dog was in my pre-homeopathy days. We did all the vaccines, flea collars, normal dog food, and all the rest. She died from cancer at age 10.

My second dog was in my homeopathy days. Although we got her from the pound and she got some vaccines and a flea bath there (she was 10 months), we avoided vaccination from that point on (for most of her life, just a 3-year rabies vaccine, and nothing at all in her elder years), fed her the best natural dog food, she was under the care of a homeopathic vet the whole time getting her constitutional remedy, and in her later years we even fed her the BARF (bones and raw food) diet. She lived to be 16 and was a largish dog too! She basically died of old age. And…
SHE NEVER HAD FLEAS.. We never used a flea collar. I know this for sure, because I am really reactive to flea bites. If I even pet someone else’s dog, even if they use flea collars and don’t think their dog has fleas, I often get a flea bite from them.

So the long answer is — find a homeopathic vet (most of them in the USA are licensed vets) — follow their advice, and your pet will likely no longer have fleas anymore. To find a good homeopathic vet, try: The Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy
Many of these vets have been trained by Dr. Pitcairn, who is really considered the “father” of homeopathic veterinary medicine, at least in the USA.

The short answer is: there is not “one remedy” for fleas. I don’t think so anyway. I recommend you consult the following two homeopathic veterinary books:

Homeopathic Care for Cats and Dogs by Don Hamilton
Dr. Pitcairn’s Guide to Natural Health for Dogs and Cats by Richard Pitcairn

These books will likely provide some specific remedy guidance for this specific problem, as well as others.  So buying one of them will probably be a good investment!

However, one remedy that does spring to mind, is Staphysagria, which is often a good general remedy for dealing with parasites.  For example, it is useful for a child with lice. Notice, once again, that it is more about treating the tendency to become vulnerable to parasites, rather than about treating the itching itself (with a remedy like Sulphur).

I hope this is helpful! I wish I could give you a simpler answer, but as is often the case, the truest answer is that a remedy that matches the patient is the best defense against disease, and in this case, susceptibility to parasites.