Knowing the Name of a Remedy; Homeoprophylaxis as an Alternative to Vaccination

Question: Dear Amy, I am a father of a new born baby and a 4 year old girl (healthy and happy). I am serious about not vaccinating my children and want proper homeopathic alternatives. I would like to know if … Continue reading

Recurring Emotional Patterns and Psychosomatic Illness

Question: Hi Amy. I am suffering from psychosomatic disorder for a while now. Will your book Active Consciousness be able to provide some insights on this? It’s been six years (and it’s affecting every aspect of my life) and I … Continue reading

General Homeopathic Advice for Systemic Problems

I often get questions like the following one: Could you please make a recommendation for hypothyroid and low adrenal? My response to any question like this is always the same:  see a homeopath, preferably an experienced classical homeopath. There is … Continue reading