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Act Now! Before It’s Too Late

How often have you heard an advertisement that warns you to “Act Now! Before It’s Too Late”? Of course, most of the time, this kind of thing is simply a form of psychological manipulation. But there really are some things … Continue reading

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Odds and Ends — Stuff to Watch and Read (about autism and/or homeopathy)

Stuff to watch on YouTube: Great video of a New Jersey autism-prevalence research official discussing the recent federal statistics, including information about: a) the especially high rate in New Jersey — 3% (1:33) of all children and 1:22 boys; b) … Continue reading

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Life Is a Feedback Loop

Most of us assume that our day-to-day emotional and physical ups and downs are a result of things that “happen to us.” We believe we are at the effect of random events or influences in the outer world or at … Continue reading

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Updated Article About Autism Incidence and Causes

The following article is an updated version (with the new statistics) of my older article about autism incidence and its possible causes. When Will We Be Willing to Actually Do Something About Autism?

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