Check Out My New YouTube Channel, “What’s Going On?”

I’ve recently begun a new experiment — creating short videos for YouTube. I’ve called my “channel”, What’s Going On?. My intention is to use it as a vehicle for expressing my opinions on a variety of subjects — whatever happens to be on my mind.

Admittedly, I’m just getting my feet wet at this point, learning how to create the videos, etc. I’ve begun by creating video versions of my feature newsletter articles. Readers of the Active Consciousness Newsletter will recognize my two videos so far — entitled Nature Almighty, and Are Competitive Sports Actually A Good Thing? I hope you enjoy them — and feel free to spread them around!

About AmyLansky

Amy L. Lansky, PhD was a NASA researcher in artificial intelligence when her life was transformed by the miraculous homeopathic cure of her son’s autism. In 2003, she published Impossible Cure: The Promise of Homeopathy, now one of the best-selling introductory books on homeopathy worldwide ( Since then, Lansky broadened her investigations to include ancient and modern teachings about consciousness, psychic phenomena, synchronicity, meditation, and our collective power to evolve and transform our world. Much of this is covered in her second book, Active Consciousness: Awakening the Power Within, published in 2011 ( You can read some of Amy's more recent writing by visiting her blog,
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