A New Interview With Amy

Enjoy this interview I did with Gwilda Wiyaka in April 2017, for her online radio show, The Science of Magic. I describe what homeopathy is, how it might work, and also discuss aspects of the energy body.

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Autism Awareness Continues to Grow, But Are We Willing to Do Anything About It?

Once again it is April — Autism Awareness month. While the world is certainly more aware of autism, are we really any more willing to face what’s going on and do something about it?

In recent weeks there have been some bright spots of hope. For example, there is a possibility that the Trump administration will appoint a committee led by the heroic leader Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to investigate the safety of vaccines. There are also murmurs that CDC whistle blower, Dr. William Thompson, may finally be allowed to testify about corruption at the CDC. And there is also the recently released seven-part series, The Truth About Vaccines (by the same creators who made the series The Truth About Cancer) making rounds on the internet. Finally, though not autism related per se, there is the recent release of the long awaited movie about homeopathy, Just One Drop. (I haven’t seen it yet, but reviews so far are stellar!)

But will any of these efforts finally make a difference?

The problem of autism is huge, growing, and fed by financial and societal forces that are hard to overcome. Only the brute force willpower and efforts of families affected by autism can make the difference, and that might, unfortunately, take time. Indeed, nothing much has changed since I wrote my article last year about the autism epidemic. So I decided to rerun the bulk of it below. In my experience, there is no harm in repeating vital information!

There is also one more point I’d like to add. A critical problem we are facing is that autism, along with a host of other mental and physical problems among our children, have become the new normal. For example, in the Palo Alto (California) schools that my children attended, teachers I have spoken to report that 50% or more of students are now on some kind of psychotropic medication. Depression, suicidal behavior, learning disabilities, eating disorders, OCD, ASD, ADHD, food intolerances and allergies — these problems (and more) have become the norm. Unfortunately, it is now up to elders (like me — age 61) to remind today’s parents that this state of affairs is not normal. This complacency in accepting the “new normal” is a very dangerous trend, because, while it might make parents feel better day-to-day, it keeps them from realizing that anything bad is actually occurring and thus from doing anything about it.

Similarly, we should not accept that our now nutrient-depleted and pesticide-poisoned food is normal or that growing extremes in weather are normal. We, as a society, should expect true health as normal — especially in children! Widespread childhood sickness is definitely not “normal”, no matter how prevalent it is.

OK! Here are the essential excerpts from my article from last April, about the autism epidemic…

Ten years ago, I began collecting data about the incidence of autism and projecting its growth, which I estimated to be approximately 10% a year. I’m sad to report that the CDC statistics have borne this rate out, though it may actually be even worse. I distinctly remember when the rate of autism was 1 in 150 children, and it wasn’t that long ago — at about the time my book Impossible Cure came out in 2003. Now the media commonly cites a 1 in 68 statistic, though a more recent, less publicized 2015 CDC report cites a new rate of 1 in 45 children. We have broken the threshold of 2% of children with autism.

Where is this all taking us? At what point will the media stop saying that the increase in autism is nothing to be alarmed about — that it is illusory and simply due to an increased awareness of the condition and improved diagnosis? At what point will the media stop implying that autism is a genetic disease that has nothing to do with environmental causes? (Although genetics may make some people more susceptible to these causes, as environmental factors increase in intensity, more and more people are clearly falling prey to them.) Consider this. What will our society be like when 1 in 10 children (10%) are autistic? 1 in 5 children? Half of all children? Don’t forget: autistic children grow up and become autistic adults who will be dependent on society for help. We are only now beginning to experience the consequences of an increased adult autistic population, as the “statistics” of the 1990s enter their 20s.

These are all interesting questions, and my guess is, we will all be finding out the answers in our lifetimes…

Right now, the only people shouting and screaming about autism are the families that have autistic children. I believe that the latest point at which meaningful action will begin to take place in the USA is when more than 50% of families are in this boat. Assuming that a family will become active when a grandparent has an autistic grandchild, and assuming a birth rate of 2 children per couple, this point will be reached when the autism rate is 12.5% (1 in 8 children). Now comes the even scarier graph.

Over the past 10 years or so, the rate of increase in autism has been fairly linear. The yellow line projects this rate of increase, which would put us at an autism rate of 10% (1 in 10 children) in about 40 years and 12.5% (1 in 8 children) in about 55 years.

A more alarming trend line is the green curve, which more accurately fits all the existing CDC data. This would put us at a rate of 10% (1 in 10 children) in 2030 (less than 15 years from now), and 12.5% (1 in 8 children) just 2 or 3 years after that. If the exponential curve is correct, then the next 20 years will see the autism issue slowly becoming personal to most Americans.

Which trajectory are we actually on? The yellow line or green curve? That will become more obvious 5 years from now, when the two rates diverge. By 2020, the rate will either clearly begin to match the yellow line or the green curve, and by 2025, it will be even more obvious.

What are the causes of the autism epidemic?

So how can we begin taking action earlier than 20-50 years from now? I think that depends on a variety of factors, all of which pertain to the underlying causes of autism. Looking back at the first graph, we can see that the rate of autism really started going up in the late 1980s and 1990s. Our answer to the autism puzzle will come from looking at environmental factors that began to accelerate at that time (clearly, it’s not changes to our genetics!).

Personally, I believe that autism is the end result of several factors that, together, create a perfect storm that weakens and twists the immune systems of our children, creating a tidal wave of autoimmunity and systemic poisoning (especially of the brain and gut). The more and more these environmental factors increase, the greater the number of children who cannot defend themselves and thus fall prey to autism and a host of other disabilities and weaknesses that are increasing at an alarming rate. Three of the most obvious factors that meet our criteria are the following:

1) The ever increasing vaccine schedule, which overstimulates the immune system and causes toxic metals such as mercury and aluminum to be injected directly into the blood stream. Consider this. During my own childhood in the late 1950s, children were given 7 doses of vaccine antigens. In 1983, the total number of doses given to children (ages 1–18) was 11. Today children are subjected to 69 doses of vaccine antigens.

Interestingly, this alarming increase in the vaccine schedule began in 1986 (also the time at which the autism rate really began taking off!), when the vaccine manufacturers and doctors were indemnified from any legal consequences due to vaccine injuries.

Since that time, the drug companies have been developing more and more vaccines to sell us. There are hundreds more in the development pipeline, with the media and government well-funded by the pharmaceutical industry to promote them, usually by instilling panic about disease and urging public mockery of those who don’t comply. They have created the perfect storm of fear and greed!

2) The worsening of our food supply, and in particular, the growing prevalence of GMO and other foods bathed in glyphosate — Monsanto’s “Roundup.” Please note: the genetic modification of foods like corn, which are increasingly a part of every bite we take, was done primarily to boost sales of glyphosate. Greed at work!

3) The increasing amount of electromagnetic radiation (EMFs) all around us, due to cell phones, WIFI, cordless phones, smart meters, and other “smart” home devices, some of which are now wearable on our bodies. There is even talk of having such devices implanted inside our bodies.

Whether or not these three particular things are key factors in creating the autism epidemic could easily be discovered if we examined the rate of autism in populations that do not partake in vaccines, eat only organic foods, and are not highly exposed to EMFs. There are even such populations here in the USA. For example, many have cited the low incidence of autism among the Amish. Unfortunately, no formal study has ever been done to make this kind of comparison — and probably for good reason. The financial powers behind all of these environmental factors — vaccines, “conventional” food, and high tech — do not want us to think too deeply about these things. But the time is coming. When your child or grandchild has autism, you will want to know!

So what can be done?

think it is highly unlikely that we’re going to see a slowdown in EMF-generating technology, though it could possibly be made safer through technological fixes or more circumspection about keeping such devices near or inside our bodies. There is a growing awareness of the dangers of cellphones and WIFI in European countries (who are often way ahead of us in the awareness game). They are even beginning to take action, at least with respect to children’s exposure.

Awareness is also growing of the dangers of glyphosate and GMOs. Once again, Europe is ahead of us. And with food, at least, we do have an attractive alternative — organic food and a return to regenerative farming practices. The big food companies are fighting GMO labeling with all their might, but they only have greed on their side, not fear… (Note: Canada and the US are two of the few countries that don’t already do so.) Once parents can better control their children’s food intake, it will be interesting to see if it has any slowing effect on the autism rate. And it will certainly be interesting to see if the improved food supply and reduction in child exposure to EMFs in Europe results in a lowering of the autism rate there.

The hardest nut to crack, and in my view the biggest factor, is vaccines. The media and politicians are bought and sold on this one (unfortunately — actually, especially — the most liberal ones), so awareness has only been able to creep in through the back door of the internet and the activism of autism families. But there must be desperation afoot in the pharmaceutical industry, because they are vigorously creating and pushing forced vaccination mandates all over the country. (Just look at the legislators who are proposing these mandates; they will invariably be the ones who are most highly funded and advised by Big Pharma.) The vaccine manufacturers may simply see the writing on the wall, and so are trying to make as much money on the vaccine cash cow while they can. Unfortunately, they may be hastening their own demise by accelerating the increase in autism, as more and more vaccines are added to the mandated schedule. This too will be interesting to see.

So let me conclude here. I hope that I have at least given you food for thought.

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What’s Going On? — Amy’s New YouTube Channel

Hey folks!

Check out my latest experiment in media outreach — my very own YouTube channel!  It’s called:  What’s Going On?

My plan is to create short reflections on any topic that strikes my fancy  — from current events to alternative medicine to the mysteries of consciousness. I’m getting my feet wet initially by just creating video versions of my feature newsletter articles. I’m not trying to be perfectionistic with these… I just want to get them out there.

Feel free to share with others.  However, I have turned off all comments. I don’t need to hear from the haters…

I hope you like it!



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Nature Almighty

NOTE:  Check out this new feature — a YouTube of this article!

Ah, the hubris of Man! And Woman too, but let’s face it, usually the problems arise because of Man…

Just when we think we’ve put the natural world behind a fence and we’re all safe and sound in our artificial bubble, nature rises up and puts us in our place.

Maybe women are reminded more often of their inescapable human connection to nature, what with menstrual cycles, menopause, childbirth and the rest of that “messy” natural stuff that goes into being female. Women instinctively know that nature always wins out. But in today’s modern world of artificial lighting, artificial food, artificial medicine, and seemingly invincible buildings, roadways, and machinery, it’s easy to forget.

Thankfully, Nature Almighty is always, ultimately, victorious. Like a wise parent admonishing their child, it’s for our own good too. This point was driven home to me after watching this video about the collapse of a small bridge in the midst of Big Sur, California after recent heavy rains.

Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge Collapse

(And here’s a more recent update on the situation.)

The Pfeiffer Canyon bridge wasn’t spectacular. In fact, people didn’t consciously register this short piece of roadway as a bridge at all. But its collapse will change the face of the famous Highway 1, which many tourists travel to California just to drive, for many months to come. There aren’t any routes nearby that can be used to avoid the canyon that the bridge traversed. Its collapse effectively cut off children from their school, working parents from their children, and hundreds of citizens from access to food, health care, and other emergency services, which now have to be delivered by helicopter, at least for a while.

But there is also beauty in the outcome. Nature has asserted herself and the isolated humans on the other side of the bridge have slowed down and come together. They have been reminded of their humanity, their connection to Nature and to each other. A hiking path through the ravine is being cleared. Children will now have to hike on this forested path to get to school. Life is being forced to slow down.

The citizens of Big Sur, and also the tourists who wanted to drive Highway 1, are being forced to remember that they, too, are animals inextricably connected to Mother Earth. And if you ask me, it’s all for the good, at least in the long run. The children who hike that path each day will have very different and enhanced life memories than if they had driven that short path each day in their parent’s car. Who knows how that hike will affect them for the rest of their lives? Just as I discuss in my book Active Consciousness, they will be forced, at least for a time, to wake up and be in the Now, the place where their true power resides.

As spring awakens our senses, let us remember that nature is always, in the end, Almighty. We are connected to this Earth whether we like it or not. With climate changes growing and reminding us of this fact each day, extremes in weather will slap us in the face even if we close our eyes and deny them.

“Wake up! Wake up!” Nature cries. “You are all asleep! There is no escape from me, for you are me, your skin and bones and internal organs are me! You will be so much happier when you remember me, join me with Joy! I will nourish you! I am here, boldly standing before your eyes, even if you choose not to see me. I am not a movie! I am not a photo! I am real! You are real! Wake up!”

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Can Homeopathy Be Harmful?

Occasionally I get a question from someone who is new to homeopathy and is nervous about embarking upon treatment. For example, I recently got this inquiry:

“I just saw a new doctor (MD) who practices homeopathy almost entirely. I’m trying to learn what it is all about. I’ve read homeopathy can be harmful and can cause problems, and then I’ve read it can heal. I don’t know what to do. I’ve been ill for almost 7 years with crazy symptoms and now they think I have MS (with environmental sensitivities and food allergies, etc). If a homeopathy remedy makes me worse, can my body repair the damage?”

It’s natural that someone suffering from serious problems is anxious about embarking upon a form of treatment that is new to them, Of course, homeopathy is older than any form of conventional medicine being practiced today! Its record of success goes back over 200 years. Nevertheless, there are many complexities that must be addressed in answering this question fairly.

First of all, there is no doubt that conventional medical drugs are far far more dangerous than any homeopathic remedy. (In the case of MS drugs, for example, they can be very powerful and toxic.) A simple round of antibiotics can leave many people with permanent problems. As any one who has listened closely to commercials on TV knows, taking a recommended antidepressant or antihistamine can lead to organ failure and even death! Even aspirin has led to irreparable damage.

In so many ways, the tactics used by the media (funded by Big Pharma) to scare people away from homeopathy go way beyond “the pot calling the kettle black.” They are downright ludicrous. For the most part, the warnings of the past about homeopathic treatment have been of the form “It’s a placebo — there’s nothing in those pills” and “The danger of homeopathy is that the patient might postpone correct treatment.”

Now that patients are more aware of the dangers of conventional medicines, the attacks have escalated, trying to claim that remedies actually DO have something in them that can harm you. Usually, the writers or speakers who make these claims know absolutely nothing about homeopathic remedies. Perhaps they have read a label on a remedy that mentions a toxin like “belladonna” or “arsenic”, but they don’t realize that the remedies are so diluted that, even if you took a whole bottle’s worth (or more), you wouldn’t likely get a single molecule of belladonna or arsenic. The patient wouldn’t be ingesting a dose that, from a material standpoint, could harm even a baby.

t should also be known that many claims about the dangers of homeopathic remedies are actually about herbal medicines. It is unfortunately true that the term “homeopathy” is still used as a synonym for all alternative forms of medicine, especially herbalism. As I write in my book Impossible Cure, there is no real relationship between herbalism and homeopathy. Both may be made from the same plants (though homeopathic remedies can be made from anything — including minerals and animal substances), but herbal tinctures are material doses that contain the actual substance of the originating plants. In contrast, almost every remedy has been diluted to the point that nary a molecule remains.

Nevertheless, I would also be lying if I said that this means homeopathic remedies are harmless nothings. If they were, they would have no effect whatsoever! The truth is, homeopathic remedies can be so much more powerful than any herbal remedy or conventional drug.

I would probably need to rewrite half of Impossible Cure in this article to explain why this is the case, but let me try to allay fears about homeopathy with a few quick points.

I have never heard of anyone who has been permanently harmed by a homeopathic remedy. Yes, remedies can trigger strong symptoms (usually an aggravation of the patient’s pre-existing symptoms), but I have never heard of a remedy causing a disease or permanent change to an organ. Don’t forget, the very definition of the word “homeopathy” is similar suffering. The precise symptoms that a remedy can cause are the ones it can cure. That’s why it might trigger a temporary aggravation of the symptoms the remedy was prescribed for. Thus, for example (and I know of a case exactly like this), a person experiencing an aggravation from a remedy might feel troublesome heart palpitations for a day, but when they run to the doctor to have it checked out, there is nothing wrong with their heart.

If troublesome symptoms arise from taking a remedy, they usually go away after stopping the remedy. It might take a few days or even a few weeks, but eventually they stop. If all else fails, antidoting the remedy with something like a menthol rub often works. If not, then (in my personal experience) giving a new, more correct, remedy ends the problem.

It is very important to understand that, unlike conventional medicines, homeopathic remedies do not operate like chemical agents that force the body to do something. Instead, they act like energetic stimuli that enable the body to repair itself. I have written another short article on this subject.

That said, there are practitioners out there who don’t really appreciate the power of homeopathic remedies. They view them more as supplements or apply them like conventional drugs, giving them too frequently or in too high a potency. The patient will know this is the case, however, if they start feeling consistently worse, not better, and the homeopath does not respond to these symptoms appropriately by modifying dosing or remedy. There is an easy solution to this problem: stop the remedy and find another homeopath!

Similarly, everyone should realize that remedies are not vitamins to be taken on a daily basis (the only exception is the use of LM water dosing that can be done more frequently, but even then, the frequency of dosing must be individualized to the patient’s response.) The result of too frequent dosing will most likely be a “proving” of the remedy — where the person starts developing the symptoms that the remedy can cause. I know someone who experienced this. She was, on her own, taking a remedy nightly for sleep, but could not understand why she was also developing the sensation of bugs crawling on her skin! The answer was easy — she was taking too much of the remedy and developing another symptom that the remedy could cause (and therefore, also a symptom that the remedy had the potential to cure). Stopping the remedy (or taking it much less frequently or in a lower potency) was the answer. Better yet, the answer would have been to seek treatment from a good homeopath instead of treating herself.

I hope this short article allays many fears and clears up many misunderstandings about homeopathic treatment. The best way to understand homeopathy, however, is to read Impossible Cure. It will clear up most fears, answer most questions, and really give the reader a well-rounded knowledge of homeopathic philosophy, science, and experience (except for what remedies to take for what ailments). It is even used as a first year text in many homeopathy schools.

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Lots of New Homeopathic Research to Report

Our trusty informant on homeopathic research, Dana Ullman, has let his followers know that a leading medical journal has reported the success of homeopathic/potentized estrogen in treating endometriosis. The European Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology and Reproductive Biology just published this randomized double-blind and placebo controlled study.

Dana also reports that homeopathic Arnica has been found to have specific effects on genes (in the lab) known for wound healing. So much for the placebo effect! This was published in PLOS ONE.

Speaking of in vitro studies (and therefore not subject to the placebo effect), another recent study has shown that the remedy Belladonna as well as the nosode of MRSA have shown an inhibiting effect on MRSA bacteria. This information is important, given the development of antibiotic resistant diseases, like MRSA.

Homeopath Dr. Peter Fisher, director of research at the Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine comments further on the important role of homeopathic remedies in dealing with the growing threat of antibiotic resistant disease in this YouTube..

A long term study in Lucca, Italy has shown the short-term and long-term success of homeopathic treatment of atopic diseases (like eczema and its often successor, asthma) in children.

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A Small Act of Love Goes A Long Way

While there is still a sliver of February left, with its message of love commemorated on Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d conclude the shortest month of the year with a brief word about the power of love.

Most of us are familiar with the teaching of how just a small bit of light can illuminate a vast darkness. But less known is the powerful message underlying homeopathic medicine: how just a tiny nudge of perfectly designed energy, applied at the just the right place and time, can cause huge transformation. That’s how the infinitesimal doses of substances selected to be “homeopathic” or energetically similar to the state of a patient’s disease can cause vast healing changes in the body, mind, and spirit. This phenomenon also underlies the so-called “butterfly effect” of chaos theory — how the flutter of a butterfly’s wings can set off a sequence of events that leads to a storm. In my book, Active Consciousness, I also discuss how small choices or acts can change the course of our trajectory into the future.

We have all experienced the consequences of a small act — a sentence uttered or a slight facial expression — that has a profound effect on us. This effect might be positive or negative, but somehow it hit us at exactly the right moment and in exactly the right way so that it changes our lives. A small compliment by a teacher can send us hurtling toward our life’s work. A snide remark uttered and forgotten can have a long-lasting negative influence on the life of the recipient.

My mother admitted to me when she was in her 90s that she suffered from lifelong embarrassment about her legs and would always wear stockings, even under pants. I could see nothing wrong or unusual about my mother’s legs. Nevertheless, she had developed this psychological complex because of a mean remark made by some girl in grammar school about her legs being “shiny.” At the time my mother heard these thoughtless words, she was recovering from six months bed rest after a near-death experience with rheumatic fever at age 10. The illness left her with a heart condition and many emotional scars as well. But who would have thought that a girl’s comment about my mom’s “shiny legs” would lead to 80 years of self-consciousness? Yet these words were heard at precisely the right time and place to cause this effect.

The same goes, of course, for small acts and words of kindness. Who knows what effect your smile, your holding a door open, your friendly chitchat with a stranger, might have? It could literally change the course of their life, and by extension, the lives of many others. Once again, a story from my own family.

I have written before about how my brother is mentally ill. He lives in a facility for similarly disabled adults run by DePaul (which, by the way, is a great organization — I highly recommend you direct donations of discarded clothes and other items to their collection facilities). Although my brother has been unable to work for most of his life, he drives, volunteers at the synagogue, and has a few friends. But he has many gloomy days as well, feeling despair and isolation.

For my brother, one of the highlights of each day is a visit to Starbucks. In fact, he will drive over 30 minutes to a particular Starbucks because the people who work there have been kind to him. Most of us view the greeting of a store clerk as something “pro forma”. We don’t give it a single thought. But to my brother, when a clerk smiles and says “Hi Buddy!”, it brightens his entire day. He tells me so. In fact, although he might feel like spending the entire day in bed (and often does so), it will be the motivation of hearing “Hi Buddy!” that gets my brother out of bed and dressed, to drive 30 minutes through snow-laden streets to Starbucks. And because of that, the rest of my brother’s day brightens as well. Maybe he’ll stop by the synagogue, maybe he’ll take a walk at the mall, maybe he’ll be more motivated to shower, and maybe he’ll eat more properly too.

Who knows what effect your small act of love might have? If you are inspired to offer one, it could be your higher Self, your small angels whispering in your ear. Don’t hold back! It could unleash waves of consequences that are more powerful than all the voices of fear that surround us each day. In fact, it may actually be small acts of love, not huge battles, that transform our world for the better.

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Change Is Coming —
It Is Up to Us to Make It Positive!

max-meditation-fig“A gift resides in every moment”

With the impending inauguration of Donald Trump as president, the world is at a precipice.  There is a sense of surreal, almost comic unreality about this moment, as our government literally merges with reality TV.  What will come next is unknown.  Many are filled with fear and anger. Others who supported Trump are hoping that something good will come of his ascent to power. But one thing we can all say for sure: things are going to change.

Truthfully, the night that Trump won the election, I was filled with a kind of jittery glee. Although I was aghast at the outcome, this feeling was balanced by a strange calm knowing. The message that kept coming to me was: Now things are really going to happen.  No —  I didn’t think Trump was going to change things for the better. Instead, I felt certain that the world would now finally be forced to face  big cosmic choices. The big test is now upon us.  And the truth is, it was going to come, sooner or later.

If Hillary Clinton had won, things would have, more or less, been “business as usual.” Yes, things might have improved gradually  in areas such as civil and women’s rights, but in general, life would have gone on much the same as it has over the past 40 years. Most importantly, the corporations would continue to rule and most of us would revert back into a state of complacency, consumed with the usual distractions of life.

With Trump as president, however, the cosmic forces of yin and yang will now reach a peak. We are at the apex of a polarity — perhaps one of the greatest polarities that humanity has ever faced.  In the balance are greed and fear versus gratitude and love.  Selfish hoarding and separation versus trusting generosity and union.   As I discuss in my book, Active Consciousness, huge shifts are always hallmarked by such critical moments, such intense pulls between polarities.  The question is: which way will things go?

In general, things tend to move toward evolution, not de-evolution.  One thing that I feel certain of, however, is that the outcome depends on all of us. Like I said, the big test is now upon us.

Currently, many of my friends are mired in anger, bitterness, and fear, trapped in never-ending binge watching of YouTubes that only serve to exacerbate their fear and hand-wringing.  In fact, some of them are angry with me for having any kind of positive attitude at all. However, their state of mind — anticipating and fixating on the worst possible outcome — just helps bring it into being!  That is the way the world works.

No, the only way forward is to take this opportunity and seize the day. What an opportunity for humanity!  This is our time.   By working for positive change — in a positive way — we not only help to create what Charles Eisenstein calls “the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible”‘, but we also keep our sanity and our peace of mind.

Of course it won’t be easy. Trials are upon is. But it can hopefully be invigorating.

My vision:  The emergence of a deeper, more profound, and wiser version of the 60s revolution. 

Now is also the time to keep in mind the teachings of so many wise teachers and leaders of the past.  We need to remember that:

– The only thing we have to fear is fear itself!
– Violence and anger only beget more violence and anger!
– Love is the answer.
– Trust. Let go. Ride the waves of change.
– Follow your intuition, guidance, and what you love.

I’ll leave you now with two poems written by my friend, Vermont poet and activist, Namaya.

“Rise up and celebrate the new Year”

Blessing of love
Blessing of Peace
Blessing of Hope
to each and everyone.
In the year past –
What has been the pains?
What has been the sorrow?
What has been the surrendering?
The letting go?
The birth?
The joys?
Take all the sweetness
Take all the joy
Take all the hopes
Take all the love
All the promise
All hurts and sorrow
Hold them in your arms
Offer them to the wind
Offer them to wisdom
Offer them to the morrow
Offer them to the promise
Set aside disappointments
Surrender the loss
Surrender the pain
Let go all the hurts

Rise up
Rise up
Rise with love
Rise with joy
Celebrate your
Celebrate your
Celebrate the
of you
Rise up
Rise up
Rise up
with love
We will not
surrender to hate!
Not surrender
to fear!
We will not
give way to doubt
Our spirits are strong.
Our love true
Our vision beautiful
Our heart vibrant
Our song with love.
Let the new year promise
shine with love
Let the celebration of life
Let the joy
shine with love
Let the new year
be a blessing of

jan 2017

“Planet Earth is Not My First Language”

reclaiming my native language
in a land of strangers

where the words of my primal
tongue are sometimes too

alien and distant

I need to be back in my land
where the words are spoken every day

my native language has no words
for hate, anger, racism, or violence

only one phrase holds it all…

when I return home and tell of
where I live and the tales

they remark how strange and
lonely it must be

when I tell them of what they
do to the earth and environment

my family’s eyes tear up
and remark .. “How sad!”

“You must come home, it is
too lonely and too much sadness.”

And then they hug me in the ways
of our language filled with comfort.

“No!” I need to teach them all the
words and deeds of our language.

In our language there is only one

In our culture there is only one

In our culture there is only one

One church

One people

It is all called



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An Excerpt from Dr. Moskowitz’s Upcoming Book on Vaccines

vaccineBoston homeopath and family medicine doctor, Richard Moskowitz, MD, has always been an important writer in the area of health, homeopathy, and vaccination.  He has written a new book that will appear in 2017, and has been sharing a series of book excerpts with the homeopathic community. I have asked and been granted his permission to share them with you too.  This is the first.  Enjoy!

From the Introduction.

“I want to invite my readers to think very carefully about vaccines and our present policy regarding them, not least because the concerns of parents who decide not to vaccinate are so rarely acknowledged or taken seriously.  As a family physician who has cared for many such children over the years, I cannot keep silent about the major epidemic of vaccine-related suffering and disability, sufficient to break any heart, that continues unabated, remains largely unacknowledged, and cries out at the very least for caution, restraint, and simple compassion for the viewpoint of those whose lived experience, whatever may have caused it, is so tragically different from that of everyone else privileged enough to be ignorant of or somehow unmoved by their loss…

In what follows, I make no claim to absolute truth or final answers.  I am a family doctor, not a research scientist, and at bottom I am trying simply to make sense of my own clinical experience.  What I offer is an ensemble of observed facts, clinical and basic science research, news reports from the media, actual cases from my practice, and such reflections and hypotheses as have occurred to me and other colleagues in the field to try to explain and integrate them.  My aim is to provide an overview of the subject that will be accessible to a general literate audience, regardless of scientific training or background.  I will feel well rewarded if my words, my reasoning, and the commingled sadness, fear, and outrage I have long felt about this subject will help to promote a healthy debate, and to elicit more of the rigorous scientific work that still needs to be done.

I write with some sense of urgency, because the time-honored rights of patients to refuse unwanted medical treatment and of parents to make such decisions on behalf of their children are now being challenged as never before.  I am not a teetotaler who rejects all vaccines under all circumstances.  The essence of my position is simply that vaccines by their very nature have a major downside that has largely been ignored and indeed is built into their design, so that it is reckless in the extreme to continue mandating them, and indeed more and more of them without limit, until these dangers are taken seriously, understood in a broader context, and assessed in a more careful and systematic fashion…”

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It’s 2017 — Let’s Get to Work for Homeopathy!

newsI know that many in the world are greeting 2017 with  trepidation.  The upcoming Trump presidency will have an uncertain impact on not only the United States, but the entire world. Many people I know personally are filled with fear for the imminent collapse of  the USA they hold dear.  Since my son Izaak lives and works in Australia, I am well aware that many nations around the world are also nervous about the likely end of “Pax Americana” and what it might mean. Others in the autism community have supported Trump out of the hope that he will finally stand up to Big Pharma and its growing vaccine mandates.

For my part, I am trying to stay out of negativity and getting sucked into endless hysterical Facebook posts, media rants, and fear-mongering.  For one thing, what does fear, anger, and bitterness accomplish? It certainly negatively impacts my health and peace of mind.  True, I don’t want to be an ostrich with my head buried in the sand, but that is hardly possible. The news invariably finds its way to me, even if I don’t actively become obsessed with it.

No, what I can do is work for positive change in a positive way. Yes, there are things that we must work against.  The ongoing attacks against homeopathy are one of them. But one thing I have learned over the years is that promoting awareness of the power of homeopathy goes much further than fighting against the forces that seek to squash it. Working for is more effective that working against.

That is one of the reasons I wrote Impossible Cure the way I did. It aims to make people aware of the true history and power of homeopathy, by revealing personal stories, scientific results, and buried historical facts. People want and need healing, so they will come to homeopathy if they know about it and it is right for them. In the political sphere, people want and need love, peace, and justice.  In the end, truth and love will win. As John Lennon said, “Love is the answer.”

In past blog posts, I have mentioned recent FDA hearings about homeopathic medicines.  In Impossible Cure  (Chapter 10), I point out that one of the legs upon which homeopathy and health freedom stand is access to remedies. Big Pharma certainly knows this. Indeed, as I have pointed out in past writing, general awareness of the power of potentized medicines — including potentized allopathic medicines — would undermine Big Pharma completely, because medications would cost next to nothing.

The truth is, the FDA hearings, and now, a new ruling by the FTC about labeling of homeopathic medicines, are the latest in the 200 year battle between conventional and homeopathic medicine.  Dana Ullman writes eloquently about this topic in his latest article that has been run in a number of venues including the Huffington Post  and GreenMedInfo. Perhaps the most ludicrous and telling aspect of the FTC ruling is that it requires remedy labels to state that homeopathy was developed in the 1700s — when it was actually developed in the 1800s!  That has actually been my experience;  the quackbusters who attack homeopathy usually know almost nothing about it, getting basic facts wrong and often misspelling words in their writing.

So what can you do to promote homeopathy in 2017 in a positive way?  Keep using it!  Keep telling all your friends about it!  It is people’s positive experiences of homeopathic healing that have kept homeopathy alive for all these years, despite unending attacks. I have every confidence this will continue to be the case. Yes, there will be bad times.  Yes, the world and the USA may be entering into a difficult period.  But the cycle of life continues.

Out of the darkness, light emerges and positive changes are born. Stay tuned into that positive hope and intention, because it is an important factor  — perhaps the most  important factor — in the creation of a better future.

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