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Homeopathy to the Rescue! My Voyage of Patience and Trust in Homeopathy in Dealing With A Centipede Bite

Even though I’m the author of Impossible Cure, I too have trouble being patient and trusting in homeopathy in moments of crisis. Here’s the story of my recent voyage of healing from a painful and scary centipede bite. It was … Continue reading

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The Times They Are A’Changin

Fall is in the air — the end of summer, time for a new school year, time for the Jewish New Year too. In so many ways, fall always feels like a time of metamorphosis. The spring opens forward, but … Continue reading

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Dealing With Back-To-School (or Work) Jitters

For many years, my son Izaak always needed a visit to the homeopath at the start of a school year. As an intrinsically anxious kid, the back-to-school period was always difficult for him as he adjusted to new classes or … Continue reading

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