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Odds and Ends — Stuff to Watch and Read (about autism and/or homeopathy)

Stuff to watch on YouTube: Great video of a New Jersey autism-prevalence research official discussing the recent federal statistics, including information about: a) the especially high rate in New Jersey — 3% (1:33) of all children and 1:22 boys; b) … Continue reading

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Homeopathy Odds and Ends… Autism Treatment, Research, and the FTC Hearing

Here’s a bunch of interesting things that have crossed my path in the past couple of months: Lately, I’ve been pouring through Jerry Kantor’s new book about autism treatment, Autism Reversal Toolbox: Strategies, Remedies, Resources. It’s fascinating! Definitely geared more … Continue reading

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Some Interesting Summer Reading and Viewing

From my summer Impossible Cure Newsletter: It’s summer! As I often do, I’m taking the summer to engage in a bit more rest and reflection and a bit less writing. Hence a combined July/August summer issue of the Impossible Cure … Continue reading

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