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Homeopathic Aggravation Causing Extreme Anxiety — 10 Comments

  1. Hi Amy,
    I’m writting you because I have an anxiety problem since may before I was in the hospital suffering a infection caused by the gonorrea ( sorry for my english, I’m writting you from Spain). Before my days in the hospital I begun to feel very sad and with a lot of anxiety and pannic attacks, it was very difficult for my homeopath to find remedy. First we prove with Phosphorus (that is supossed to be my constitutional remedy) and then with Carcinosinum, but these remedos only improve my situation for one day, so I get worse.
    The past week I took a dose of Medorrhinum 200ch on thuesday and on friday I start to feel worse, very tired, anxious and crying like I never do before. Am I suffering and aggravation?
    Thank you very much for your attention

    • Olga,
      Yes, this could be an aggravation. The 200c potency is fairly high and can easily cause an aggravation.
      However, It should have passed by now…. And Often an aggravation is followed by improvement.
      Did this happen?

      If you are still suffering, you should definitely contact your homeopath.
      I hope this helps.

  2. I have been given doses of 10MM and it’s made my life hell. I have lost my mind. I I am so scared prior I wa struggling with issues but it’s gone into complete hell. I am so scared….. Help

    • Nina. Many doses of 10M?? That is VERY VERY high. It is no wonder you are having a terrible aggravation. Have you tried antidoting the remedy by inhaling and putting Vicks Vaporub on your chest? It might at least lower the effects. The right solution is probably to find the correct remedy. Taking another remedy usually ends the aggravation. I recommend you see another practitioner. Also be aware that you are probably too sensitive to handle such high potencies. In the future, you probably shouldn’t start above a 30c and go from there. If you contact me via email and tell me where you are located, perhaps I can recommend someone. Please try to be calm though and know that the aggravation will subside… I hope you are doing better… -Amy

  3. Hi Amy, my name is Lucian I’m from UK but born in Romania; about 9 years ago I had some panic attacks and anxiety and after a few months with the help from Phosphorus I pass over those anxiety and panic feelings; now after 9 years I start to have the same feelings of anxiety and everything start with a panic attack; because I’ve remember that 9 years ago Phosphorus help me I’ve took some Phorphorus C200 but next day I was really worse so I took some mint to antidote Phosphorus. This was about two weeks ago, and in this two weeks I had some good days some bad days so I said to try again but with a lower dose so I’ve took two days, two time per day, Phosphorus C30. It was ok after the first day I had just some eruption on my skin, but nothing really bad, but after the second day I had some really bad anxiety feelings again in the afternoon, so I decide to take mint again to stop the effect. I know what you will ask, why I didn’t spoke with my homeopat first, unfortunately I didn’t find one in my area CV62HP (UK). Please let me know why my body react like this and what should I do? I know that I’m a very sensitive person, so what should I do now? Thank you in advance for your help.

    • Hi Lucian. I’m sorry to be responding so late to this. You are right, you probably should have contacted a homeopath. Were you seeing a homeopath 9 years ago? If so, you could have still contacted them. A good place to look for homeopaths in the UK is https://homeopathy-soh.org/.

      Of course, I know nothing about your case (I’m not even a practitioner). But in my view, the first Phosphorus 200c was probably too much and was definitely sufficient — a 200c can last months. In just 2 weeks, you were just beginning the see the effects. Also, you probably didn’t antidote the 200c with the mint, but just alleviated the aggravation. It was still acting.

      Then you took the 30c. The eruption on the skin was probably a good sign of some action. You should have stopped there. Then you took another 30c — too much! Once again, taking a mint doesn’t really stop the effects in most cases — at best, it just reduces it somewhat.

      The proper action at this point could be to take nothing more and see how it goes over the next several weeks. I hope this is helpful to you (belatedly), or at least to others who read it!


  4. Hello Amy,
    Does the correct remedy will cancel the bad aggravation of the wrong remedy given in very high doses/potencies? Is that correct? Even if the potency of the correct remedy is much lower? And if so how long would it take to see the aggravation to subside?

    • Yes, in my experience, the correct remedy will cancel an aggravation. I have had this experience myself, where a 30c of a better remedy antidoted a 1M or 200c. In my experience, the aggravation subsided very quickly, within a day. I even felt the difference in hours.

      That said, everyone’s sensitivity is different. So this is not an absolute rule. But it is true in my own experience.

      Hope this helps,

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