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  1. Thanks Amy for your replies. In my case with cow milk I used to have bouts of sneezes followed by wheezing and choking and anaphylactic shock because of which I had to be rushed to hospital three times in life. I stopped milk for over a year. Also I found therapeutic dose of milk at 1/125 serial dilution. Now I can take as much cow milk as I wish one day in 4 days and a bit in tea or coffee everyday without any problem. I learnt these dilutions and “tricks” from Dr. Doris Rapp. She is on YouTube.
    Here in India the Bombay Indian Institute of Technology scientists have found that even at millionth dilution the “signature” of the original substance remain there in the solvent.

    • Ratan,

      That is great! I thought you were referring to food sensitivities in cases of autism. Those can be much more complicated than allergies, which is what you had. Your use of isopathic treatment can often work! (But not always). Still, that’s wonderful.

      • Of course isopathic will not work “always”. But nothing always works. As the Buddha said: “Impermance and change is the universal truth”. In homeo and iso-pathy the end point titration for the given person may shift.

  2. My first two children, boy 10 years old and girl 8 years old are autistic with speech challenge but completely normal in every other aspect. We are Africans and they eat all our food very well. They enjoy milk a lot and I allow the usual children’s portion of milk sugar, cereals etc especially for breakfast. In the absence of milk intolerance or allergy, should I continue to allow them have milk or withdraw it from them bcos of the autism challenge ?

    • Yes, given that your children are autistic, I would experiment with removing the milk. The sensitivity to milk in autistic children does not show up like most milk intolerances or allergies. There is not necessarily gas or constipation or rashes, etc. The effect can be in the mind — sometimes functioning as a kind of opiate. If you read my book, Impossible Cure, I talk about how Max craved milk. In fact, foods that children love and crave are often the most suspect of causing a problem. So yes, do stop the milk for a couple of weeks at least and see if you notice a difference. Of course, homeopathic treatment is important too. -Amy

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