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Sleeping Problems after Homeopathic Remedy — 2 Comments

  1. Amy, thank you for your reply.
    Your personal experience and understanding means a lot.
    My practitioner increased potency of my remedy but there is no improvement so I will follow Your suggestion and ask him to lower the potency or to prolong time till the next dose.
    I tried some other “alternative” methods before homeopathy and I always had to give up because I had this sleeping problem. Like there is some blockage in my system or it is too sensitive and overreacts to every kind of stimulation.
    Once again thank You for your support.


    • Jelena,
      Yes I think other methods of dosing might be appropriate for you. For example, lower doses given in water. This approach can be more gentle. If you read my book Impossible Cure, Chapter 6 explains these other dosing methods.

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