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Proving a Remedy from Too High a Dose — 10 Comments

  1. Hi Amy, thanks so much for your reply! Really appreciate your feeback.

    I am feeling better for sure since the last time I messaged you.Most of my physical symptoms have gone and I am calmer than before. It has been 2 months since my first episode, but I am still pretty anxious unfortunately and i get constant goosebumps up and down my legs. I tried drinking coffee but I feel it might not have helped much and made it slightly worse. Not sure vics would help after such a long period has passed.I guess I will have to wait longer for everything to subside.

    As for my period pain, it did not go away unfortunately. I have learned that I can live with it, anything is better than the horrible reaction I had and the ongoing fight I am having to face with my anxiety.

    Thank you very much again

    • Pauline,

      Sorry to hear this is still with you, but glad it has subsided. If you do continue with homeopathy, I would suggest that in the future, you insist on lower potencies and perhaps liquid dosing as well, which can mitigate harsh effects.


      • Hello Emy,

        It’s 10 months I’m suffering with the same horrible panic attack and anxiety states, sweating from armptits all day long as Pauline used to.

        I was given Pulsatilla 1M (I’m a man) by my homeopath doctor for eczema.
        Since months he has prescribed me so many others remedy, always in too high potency (camphora, carcinosinum, nat mur, venus merc … !!!) but nothing has changed, i feel so exhausted with anxiety, sweats, panic attacks…
        I can only survive thanks to anxiolytic (lysanxia).
        I was given Lycopodium “before” Pulsatilla without bad reaction or aggravation.

        How can i antidote thoses awfuls emotions due tu high dise of Pulsatilla ???

        I took too many remedies and think my body is so intoxicated.

        Can Nux Vomica antidote Pulsatilla ?
        Or Lycopodium ?
        I read Nux is often given to relieve the bad effect of Pulsatilla.

        I’m french, forgive my english if not good as well.

        Thank you so much for your attention and answer.

        Best regards,


        • Hi Romain.

          I’m sorry to hear you are suffering… I can relate, because I too once had a bad reaction to Pulsatilla — and it was only a 30c! The truth is, a practitioner never truly knows how a patient will react to a new remedy, and that’s why starting with a low potency can often be a good approach if one is unsure.

          Anyway, it sounds to me like your practitioner is floundering around giving you so many remedies — and in high potencies too! So my suggestion is to first, find a new homeopath!

          As far as antidoting the remedies you have been taking, the best approach is to find a BETTER remedy. However, in the meantime, I would STOP taking all remedies, and try antidoting with something like a camphor rub on your chest, and also inhale the fumes. This may help to lesson the effects of the remedy.

          Yes, you might try taking a single dose of 30c Lyc or 30c Nux Vomica — you might see which fits you better by reading online. However, you should give that dose a few days to decide if it worked.

          But overall, my main suggestion to you is to find a new homeopath.

          I hope this helps!

    • Hello Pauline,
      I hope you feel good since the bad experience you had with Pulsatilla 1M. Four years later (and many other homeopathic remedies !) I still have the same panic attack as you had with Pulsatilla. Could you please tell me what you took to recover ?
      I explain to the 5th professional homeopath that I had a proving with Pulsatilla 1M, but he still doesn’t consider that the remedy could possibly the one I need again. What do you think about it ?
      Thank you very much for your reply.

  2. Hi Amy,

    Thank you very much for your answer.
    I really appreciate.

    I triyed Nux Vom 30ch, no reaction, then Lycopodium 30ch, no more reaction.
    Maybe i need lycopodium in high dilution 1000k as i was given Pulsatilla in 1000k ?

    I feel so exhausted to fight against those awful panic attack and anxiety, sweating, without getting any response to help me relieve all these symptoms.

    If you have more suggestion… please let me know ! I sometimes feel like as i’m crazy !
    How can an homeopath could have given to me high doses of Pulsatilla after Lycopodium ?
    It seems to just antidote the action of Lyco.

    Thank you so much Amy,
    Best regards


    • Romain,

      You are now learning the folly of self-treating out of desperation! No, I don’t think a higher potency will help you. As I said before, your best option is probably stop remedies completely and wait a few weeks, and/or find the correct, or at least a BETTER, remedy. You need to find a new homeopath who will help you find it! If you write to me privately (lansky@impossiblecure.com) and tell me where you are located, perhaps I can recommend someone. I myself am not a practitioner. Hope this helps!


      • Hello,
        I had panic attacks and anxiety states after Pulsatilla as well.
        For me Chamomilla really helps!

        Practical Materia Medica by John Henry Clarke:
        Cham. and Puls. antidote each other and follow each other well. If either one has over-acted the other will probably neutralise the ill effect and carry on the good.


  3. Hi Amy,

    I had taken Apis 1M nearly 2 years ago. Recently I have been experiencing proving symptoms which are very unpleasant. My homeopath suggests I take lower potency of Apis to bring the vibration down. What are your views on it??

    Thank you

    • Aneta,

      In my view it is probably very unlikely you are having proving symptoms NOW from a remedy you took 2 years ago (I’m assuming these only began recently).

      My view is that your homeopath should take the whole case again and see what the overall picture is. It might be a different remedy. If it is still Apis, then taking it in a lower potency might be a good idea. I wouldn’t overdo it though. You might try something like a 30c and wait and see.

      Just my opinion.

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