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  1. Hi Amy, Thank you for sharing your story. And thank you to your husband for his part, with MedAlerts and NVIC. (How I found you). I just read How To Prevent Autism by Dara Berger. Any vaccine injury story is sad to read. I appreciate and honor moms like you and Dara for your diligence and endurance in helping your children, and for sharing your experience in order to help others.

    A special thank you for mentioning the correlation of EMFs in the form of WIFI, cellphones, cordless phones, smart meters, etc. The Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence is being marketed as vaccines have been; modern miracles meant to make life better for all. But technopoly, growing like wild-fire, out of control, and consuming us in its wake, is another lie, another crime against (an unassuming) humanity.

    Thank you for shining your bright light of consciousness.

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