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  1. Hello.
    I feel very fortunate and honoured that i’ve “found” you and your wisdom. I know that synchronistically we were meant to cross paths.
    Today I am looking for a copy of your book The Impossible Cure in the Spanish language for a young mother friend/sister. Would love it if you could direct me to find these precious resources or even some of the articles for those who only read Spanish.
    Gratitude in advance.
    In lak’ech

  2. I just stumbled across your podcast on Charles Eisenstein’s site, and enjoyed the discussion very much. I have not read your Consciousness book yet but will get my hands on it, to my mind it is the only subject worth studying. Anyone who can synthesize Steiner and Gurdjieff I need to read, as I found both essentially impenetrable and not worth the effort. My spiritual orientation is non-dual, so systems of thought are often not interesting, which is not to say they are valuable. I do believe in ritual, which with each iteration reinforces it’s particular field.

    I don’t see anything about your third book, but I was singing with a kahuna just last week.

    Like you, I am a connector, and it is in that capacity I write. I was fortunate to be part of a forum in Philadelphia where I first heard Rupert Sheldrake speak in 2007. That same venue introduced me to Bruce Lipton, and to Nassim Haramein – about whom I am writing you.

    Nassim has done the math on a system of unified physics which is fracta and holographic. The theory solves Einstein’s field equations and unifies the four forces in a manner simple enough to be described as elegant. There are a whole host of implications from this work, and for validation I would point to his calculation of the mass of the proton -which in fact predicted the latest mass measured experimentally.

    Nassim and Rupert share a of of understanding around fields, which Nassim terms “space memory”. Given your interest in the way things work, I think you would be rewarded by looking at You might even consider taking the delegate course, which involves some deep study but does not require any previous physics background. Anyone who can get through Steiner and Gurdjieff can certainly get through the course.

    In any case, I am pleased to be introduced to your work – I am a long time fan of Charles’ and was fortunate to see him in Portland not long ago.
    All the best in what you are doing.


    • Hi Doug! Thanks for your message. I’m just preparing to BEGIN to write my 3rd book now. It will be about a lot more than Huna though… I now see it as a unification of my first two books in some ways, with an emphasis on various techniques and aspects of self-healing.

      I have seen talks online by Nassim but didn’t know enough physics to determine how serious/trustworthy his message is. So what you say is of interest to me.

      I hope you enjoy Active Consciousness!


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