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  1. Odd, been watching some history stuff on Youtube.. civilization collapse stuff. The Sumerians… who had it all in the bag.. and zero warfare in their beginning but towards the end,, they were heavily into warfare and slavery… someone has to pull the weeds… there is plenty of good innovations/stuff/things/movements going on… the trouble is suppression/control. The big people feeding off the little people and it goes right back to Sumerians. Kind of makes a person pessimistic as you see the same cycle going back for thousands of years…. the rich exploiting the poor.

    It will take a revolt from the inside, like the google employees walking out, or whistleblowers… even then… when the truth is staring everyone in the face, who has the power to enforce change? When the name of the game is disempower any opposition.

    I am not a USA person, but I will give you a great example, with your fuzzy elections going on. Did you know that voting was not even mentioned in the constitution? Check it out. Now I am going to point out a flaw in USA politics and that is there is only two players… and the system is designed to opt out any one who is not in the mainstream club… So why do Libertarians or Green even try? A wasted effort. Your democratic America is very, much not so. It is an illusion.

    Anyways, awesome Amy thanks for the inspire…. my personal guess is that we as a society/civilization are a freight train headed for a collapsed bridge. Then we will get change… you bet

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