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Unraveling the Vaccine Debate: Finding the Fulcrum Beneath Polarity — 3 Comments

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  2. Hi Amy,
    I’m Pamela Mitchell (Wise) from the 1973 Kenmore West class.
    I admire the work you do and the information you bring forth!
    I too am one who’s been labeled as a “health nut” and “crazy” due to my
    unconventional beliefs. I had chosen not to vaccinate my children after they were born at home here in San Diego area, in 1983 and 1987. I was fortunate enough to find enough information on my own to conclude that I was not supportive of such ‘intervention’. After my son was born (1987) I was a member of a local LeLeche League with a small group of new mothers. All but one of the members decided not to vaccinate. It was discovered after a few years, when our children started school,
    that the ‘one’ was autistic. My son befriended him and protected him some what. I did not learn this until they began Middle school when a teacher’s aid called me to ask if our son could be a “guardian” for Sammy as he was being teased and bullied.
    This was enough first hand information to convince me that I would not ever rely on vaccines for our whole family. Fortunately my kids have also refused vaccines for their children! 🙂
    I had studied homeopathy several years ago, but only occasionally put it into practice. My daughter showed a lot of interest so I gave her some of my books.
    She is now ready to begin an on line one year course in homeopathy for the purpose of certification to start a business practice of her own. Today, I told her of your website! I’m sure she will find much pertinent and valuable information.
    Thank you so much for your willingness and determination to keep people informed of alternate solutions for optimal health!!
    Much appreciation,

  3. Hi Amy! I read all of this, and I really liked the way you have explained not only yourself and your views (and why), but also how your peers and others view the world as it is at the moment…A timely read. Thank you. I am a practitioner of Homeopathic Medicine, and have been for over 33 years, so I am in a similar situation, and have an understanding of much of what you have written as well. Thank you for having an even view. I enjoy all your newsletters. I wish you well. Blessings and hugs, Barbara xxx (And I do agree, 2021 will definitely be interesting for so many.)

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