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  1. Thanks for this beautiful reminder! I spent much of the covid lockdown outside on our deck, amongst trees that I dearly love, and in our little vegetable garden, delighting in how the soil smells when rich with our homemade compost. I took up fermenting vegetables as my awareness of microbiome health grew, and increased our already established efforts to raise our immunity with juicing, broccoli microgreens, etc etc. I felt empowered by my beloved homeopathic teachers as they taught skills to relieve any possible symptoms (even treated my daughter when she got the virus, and it was a huge , potentially life-saving help.) I connected with an MD who had treated 2300 cases with 3 deaths total and she gave me a script for ivermectin (like you, I have it for the “mental factors” of feeling safe when traveling.) In a strange way I am grateful for the chance to get empowered and connect with my inner strength. Lots of gratitude, compassion, and letting go–of old friends who do not approve of my choices, out of their own fears. Compassion helps. Currently so many of my ongoing continuing-ed classes are on treating the vax injuries! Grateful beyond words to have been cautious. Love to you!

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