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  1. Excellent article, Dr. Lansky – thank you for the insights!

    In context of the discussion about transhumanism I wonder about this phrase from your About section: “our collective power to evolve and transform our world”. There seems to be a common thread in the transhumanist philosophy and that phrase. Namely, a desire to modify nature rather than be wise stewards of it; to make nature into what we desire rather than discover the Artist within nature. Just a thought, perhaps I am off base but it seems we need to recognize the Logos of reality and learn from it (and restore it) rather than attempting to transform it (which I think ultimately, unfortunately, results in destruction).

    • Thanks for your comment John. It would never occur to me that the phrase I used would be connected to or endorsing of transhumanism! That was definitely not my intention. My personal view is that our preferred human destiny is to evolve and transform in order to become even more fully human and connected and one with Nature, not to further separate from it — which unfortunately is the trajectory that we’ve been on for thousands of years, with transhumanism taking it to the brink… I will consider rewriting my “About” section! ;->

  2. Good piece w many good pts.
    “learn that big changes to the software that influences your life — Google search, Facebook, etc. — are often made by a small
    team of young programmers, sometimes fresh out of college. A small “cute” design decision can cause all kinds of change and
    wreak havoc on many people’s lives and emotions. That’s huge power in the hands of young people in their twenties. Consider
    the no-doubt trivially implemented (and likely not-well-thought-out) incorporation of the “like” button in Facebook.”

    Very true; young and fresh but w little wisdom and/or little ability to reflect deeply. Plus being affected by peer pressure can be another factor…

    Power, money and hubris/ego, they all go hand in hand

    Thnx Amy.

  3. What a thoughtful and illuminating article. I started in IT in the ‘70’s too, and agree fully with all of your perspectives and alarm bells. Fascinating how so many can’t see the impending control and abuse of so much – but mainly all of us!! I’ve already started sharing it to those who aren’t seeing or realising what the impact.
    Thank you.
    Love, Gary

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