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  1. Home is where your heart & soul find resonance.
    I, too, like everyone I know in the NE, was shunned with my vx choice, though I am a healthcare provider. It offered me an opportunity to practice compassion for the massive numbers of people who’s lives were usurped by fear, though many of them also wanted to avoid vx but could not, due to work or school rules. I have found this experience has changed all of us. I feel I am more tolerant now of divergent viewpoints because I could see the root cause of shunning/ backlighting the non conforming lay in fear, just as in many times in our own history (the McCarthy era, etc). Listening with non judgement even when we are being judged and worse has helped me find a deeper truth- that without adversity we would not evolve.
    I hope you & Steve have found supportive community in a gentrified, stratified US we find ourselves within today, & that your gifts will be seen & cherished.

  2. Amy ~ thank you for this clear-eyed, open-hearted, balanced perspective on your journey, your landing, and this remarkable era in history. Delighted you are thriving in South Carolina. I never imagined living in southeastern USA … yet here I am, since late 2021. The most remarkable part of my journey since arriving here is watching the stereotypes I held about the south and about southerners bite the dust. Liberating to step out of the arrogance of old ways of being. Cheers and blessings to you and Steve.

  3. Love your posts Amy.
    We made the same health decision as you & Steve.
    I resonate with your frequency readings as well, difficult in The Valley.
    Still meditating w/Ellen on Thursdays & Gary & Ellen twice a month. So glad to hear you’ve found a new home, the community sounds lovely.

  4. I was just thinking about you yesterday, wondering where you both ended up. Great timing to see this update and congratulations on finding a new home!

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