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Nosodes? CEASE? Isopathy? Sequential? What’s It All About? — 3 Comments

  1. Just like to say how useful is your statement on CEASE therapy. So many homeopathic students and new practitioners want a solution to “clients on the autistic spectrum”. CEASE, I have found, is a useful tool but is far outstripped by other methods if you can see the case. I think you convey that point clearly and in an unbiased way.
    Among the articles on my website is a provisional picture of MMR the remedy, I think some of the words are from you. I hope you are OK about that and my hope is that this provisional picture will help other practitioners improve on this picture.

  2. Dear Amy,
    Is there any chance that either book will become an audiobook? My vision is not the best. Please do not publish this…

    • Patrick,
      I have been thinking about doing audio books for quite a while. It’s a lot of effort… I’d like to read them both myself. Do you think there really would be a market for this? Do you get your audio books in CD form, or do you download MP3’s from the internet?
      Thanks for any info. I’d really love to know whether this is worth my effort and in what form it would be best to sell it.

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