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The Secret Knowledge of the Kahunas — 7 Comments

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  6. Your comments that kahuna’s do not exist today is wrong. Lineal descendants of kahuna practitioners are alive and well. However many descendants have been so Christianized and colonized that they fear any connection to such spiritual practices. There are three elements that is the core of Kanaka Maoli existence and practices: ethnicity of your mother, culture one is born into and spirituality. Until you have the “koko” the mana of our people are reserved to those who inherited those gifts from ‘Akua.” Why? Because we earned it from ka wa kahiko and proven our connection to ‘Akua.”

    • Dawn, Thanks for this information. I understand what you are saying — that inherited lineage is a key to being a kahuna. Weren’t there ever gifted people who became elevated to the status of kahuna despite not being in a kahuna lineage? In any case, as you say, true kahunas are hard to find. But that doesn’t mean that this knowledge isn’t important for humanity. Though, today, it is filtered through the viewpoint and writings of various teachers, I do hope that some truths have come through. I certainly feel the truth and have experienced the practical power of what I have read. Of course, I am aware of how touchy the issue of authenticity has become in this area. For this reason, I am now increasingly careful to say that what I write about this subject has come from specific teachers who have tried to base their content on kahuna wisdom, rather than saying what I am writing is “kahuna truth”. -Amy

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