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  1. Aloha Amy!
    What a blessing to read your post today! Thank you. I went online after my first practice of Y-Dan, and found your blog post about when I Googled it. A caregiver that I know and respect recommended the DVD of Y-Dan, along with Fem-mate. Do you still practice Y-Dan regularly? It is certainly much easier and less time consuming that Bikram yoga which I gave up a couple of years ago because I just didn’t have the time or energy.
    Thank you also for your reference to Nana Veary and what you wrote about our spoken words. I am looking forward to reading her book! I live in Bend, Oregon but just found out yesterday that my husband will be starting a job at Kamehameha Schools Bishop Estate in Honolulu in April. I will follow him there in June after my two kids are out of school. We met and married and had our first child there, who coincidentally is also “Nana” by us. Her real name is Alanna – It’s half my husband’s name, ALbert and half my name RoseANNA.
    I am (soon to be was) a “Challenging Behaviors” teacher for Oregon Care Partners and travel throughout the state training caregivers who work in adult foster homes. I also own(ed) a business that helps older adults and their adult children with the crisis of aging. Yes, unfortunately it usually is a crisis for many families because they are sorely under prepared for loss – most of us are. I’ve also been a chaplain and I think that is what I may do in Hawaii, but who knows?
    Mostly though, I am a seeker of God and I am very intrigued by your work. I feel as if I have been hooked like a fish into it. It has touched on all of the key areas going on in my heart and life right now! I look forward to reading it and maybe even corresponding with you occasionally as we journey together!

    Aloha nui loa

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