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I’m quitting the National Women’s Health Network — 3 Comments

  1. Thank you for speaking out. Our family has also had many huge benefits from homeopathy. It eased my transition after both of my emergency c-sections, helped me get of steroids for a gyne logical auto immune disease, helped with teething, colic, colds, bladder infections, skin rashes mainstream medicine could not help with despite trying ….the list goes on and on. Affordable, effective, no side effects and long standing history behind it.

  2. Dear Amy,

    I am truly impressed with your credentials and experience and your picking yourself up when you were down. Bless your heart. Perhaps the next time I see your name at Minutus I won’t be so quick to give you back talk. (:->)

    And I applaud your decision to leave the NWHN and to tell them why.


    Roger Bird

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