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On Mother’s Day — A Message from Mother Earth: Don’t Mess with Gaia! — 3 Comments

  1. Dear Amy,
    This is an excellent article. You mention things about vaccines that I did not know, such as the fact that mother’s who have been vaccinated do not pass the immunity from the illnesses they have been vaccinated against through their breastmilk to their children. Also the number of vaccines children receive by the time they are six years old is shocking.

    Yesterday, when I heard that Governor Brown signed the SB277 into law, I was very angry, and uttered a few obscenities to get my anger out. I am angry that the voices of the protesters were not listened to, the voices of parents with vaccine damaged children, and of parents who want to protect their children from vaccine damage.

    We have not heard the end of this law. I hope that it will be found to be unconstitutional, as it surely is. How many casualties, how many damaged children and damaged families, and damaged lives will it take for people to see how misguided the mandatory vaccination effort is.

    As it is we pay 3.1 billion dollars to the families of vaccine damaged kids annually, and I believe this is the tip of the iceberg of how many injured children their really are. I treat many vaccine damaged children in my practice, and I don’t know any of these families that have asked for compensation from the government. If the truth be known what would the numbers really be – staggering.

    Let’s continue to protest and fight for the most precious resource we have – our beloved children and grandchildren, and not let them down by putting their health and lives at risk by vaccinating them, when vaccines are not 100% safe. It is insanity to put one’s children in harm’s way, and yet we are asked to do so and be peaceful about it.

    Anyway, enough of my ranting. Good job, Amy.


    Deborah Olenev CCH RSHom (NA)

  2. I dislike the phrase Climate Change since it allows for deniers to have a debate with believers. This term works In favor of those who pollute our air, water and land Polluters can cite corrupted scientific evidence or accuse “The Left” of conspiracy. When it all comes down to it, no one should have the right to pollute the air we all breath, the water which sustains us for life and the land that grows our food.

    • I must admit that I don’t understand why the term “Climate Change” has this effect. What term would you prefer for what is happening to our planet? That said, I do avoid the term “Global Warming” because you are right, it is misused by the deniers. While the overall planet is warming, the local effects are extremes of all kinds, not simply warming.

      You are right that no one has the right to pollute. We must fight it of course! Unfortunately, corporate interests are tough adversaries. My hope is that soon everyone will wake up enough to stop the madness. Even the corporations will realize their financial gain will last for only so long and that they need to wise up. Because our planet’s overall climate is changing, and unfortunately for the deniers and the rest of us, the reality will soon be indisputable — probably in our lifetimes.

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