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Homeopathy and Synchronicity — an Interview with Connie Habash — 2 Comments

  1. please do something to edit negative datas regarding Homoeopathy in wikipedia………critics of Homoeopathy in India quotes only details from wikipedia……

    • Dr. Jayadeep,
      I’m afraid this is a hopeless battle. Several people have tried to remedy this situation (especially Dana Ullman) and it’s impossible. For one thing, the owner of Wikipedia has a vendetta against all alternative medicine. The same problems exist for the pages on chiropractic and other alternative modalities. Secondly, it turns out that no one who is knowledgeable about homeopathy is even allowed to edit the homeopathy page because they are considered “biased”! Even small innocuous changes are shot down. For example, a mention of the National Center for Homeopathy as the leading organization about homeopathy in the USA was removed (just one sentence) because it was added by someone who had a connection to homeopathy (my husband — who has a different last name than me — but they somehow figured it out). I believe that people are PAID by Big Pharma to monitor this page and shoot down anything that smacks of pro-homeopathy. In fact, the little page about me is heavily monitored. I haven’t allowed a mention of my 2nd book because I’m afraid they would attack it on Amazon (another tactic they use). Sorry, but the moral of the story is: don’t trust anything on Wikipedia, especially if it’s in any way controversial. -Amy

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