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  1. I would like
    your advice. My two very handsome teenage boys have been doing homeopathy since August of 2013. Here we are in April 2014 and I feel their autism, considered severe by the lay person, has only midly improved. What I find unresting is that both of them are on the same snake remedy as myself. I have heard of this methodology before. I am the younger parent

    iininteresting is both

  2. Astonishing. It sounds like an entry in my own journal.
    I have both of your books; have read Active Consciousness 3 times, each time more slowly than the last. The flow of energy from my hands is visible and sometimes with a pink tint but I have yet to enjoy seeing it against a blue sky (this is Oregon’s rainy season). In the house, against a background of black or dark green, the flow from fingertips lands on the target as a sort of spot light and is better seen if it is directed into an area of shadow. I have always felt the energy and now it is wonderful to actually see it. Thank you for your clear and candid style of communication.

    • Wanda, thanks so much for your nice comments about my book. Sorry I didn’t see it until yesterday… I forgot that I had to approve all the comments on this blog. I’m so happy that you have been finding Active Consciousness helpful to you… Please do feel free to write a review of it on Amazon! :-> Thanks again, Amy

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