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Despite Everything, Homeopathy Continues Its March to Triumph! — 4 Comments

  1. Hello Amy,

    I have a question to you. Please would you take time to answer me:
    Last year in March I had been suffering from mild anxiety regarding my health issues.
    Someone advised me to take:
    Lehning L72 for anxiety (homeopathic)
    I took it three times a day (20 drops). The first day I felt a very good improvement on mood. Then on the second or third day I had an severe aggravation which scared me so much that I stopped taking that medicine. I was given antidotes such as Nux Vomica which only helped a little bit. I was then given other homeopathic medicines. The anxiety got worse and I started taking treatment by proper Homeopathic doctor. But I also started taking allopathic antidepressant medicine (Venlafaxine 75 mg). After 4 months (last year August) things got quiet better and in the 5th month (last year September) I got married and my anxiety vanished almost completely because of distraction. So after the sixth month I stopped taking the homeopathic medicine but continued the antidepressant. This year in March/April my anxiety is starting to come back (because of minor stress and I always am scared that the anxiety of alst year may come back). I started tapering off the antidepressant (Reducing 7.5 mg = 10% every three weeks) I started at 75 mg Anti-Depressant and now I am at 45 mg. But the anxiety got worse again especially 3 – 4 days ago.
    Now, two days ago I started taking again Lehning L72 (because I thought that If that medicine triggered the aggravation, then it should be able to heal me too!). I took L72 two days ago around 4 PM (but only 10 drops this time). Suddenly I felt much better the whole day and night. Also the next day (i.e. yesterday) was quite good. Around 4 – 5 PM I started having (light!) negative thoughs again and I again took a dose and after an hour the improvement came back again. Overall I do feel better.
    Now my question is: Should I keep the dose (ie once a day 10 drops) or should I increase it to twice a day? Im afraid that increasing the frequency could trigger a very bad aggravation again. And I am also afraid what will happen when I will do my next reducing step on my antidpressant fom 45 mg to 37 mg.

    Thanks A lot!

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