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Our Addiction to Suffering — 10 Comments

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  5. As you go through any psychological or emotional “storm”, make efforts at self-observation, which means giving some of your attention to the sensations in your body, and your thoughts and emotions as you go about your day. The fact that you can observe these sensations, thoughts and emotions, or “impressions”, begs the question, “What is doing the observing?”

    Ask yourself who is observing these thoughts as they move through your brain (the organ of consciousness and awareness), and these feelings (energies) moving through your emotional center (solar plexus: organ of conscience that allows you to feel right and wrong); one minute swinging towards positive feelings and no sooner swinging in the opposite direction towards the negative.

    The fact that you can observe these impressions is proof that these sensations, thoughts and feelings are not you but rather different kinds of “energies” that are triggered by outer events, i.e. things taking place outside of your body, and also triggered by inner events such as thoughts that you give your attention to which, in many cases, is nothing more than imagination. While observing these impressions, also notice how you react automatically to these inner and outer events with mechanical responses and feelings, before you even consider how you want to react which, in fact, most of which are due to conditioning, imitation and habits acquired over a lifetime.

    If the thoughts and feelings are dark and negative … and only when you are in a state of self-observation … can you choose to not go with these thoughts and feeling, not give into or ascent to them, and not allow them to dictate your actions. The very act of self-observation creates a little “space” between your inner “I”, which is your understanding, and these thoughts and feelings. In this space, you have an opportunity and the freedom to choose the best way to react (based on your understanding), or to not react at all. However, if you allow the negative thoughts and emotions to dictate you actions, your inner “I”, your understanding, will not be in control of your being, and who knows where these dark thoughts and feelings, and mechanical reactions may lead you? When you become the master of your thoughts, you become the master of your emotions, and ultimately the master of your destiny.

    Remember that there is an eye at the center of every hurricane where it is completely calm, even as the storm rages on the outer edge. Likewise, you have an “I” that you can act from through conscious choice, and in this space you can remain calm and at peace, even while these sensations, dark thoughts and emotions pass, like a storm, through your body.

    When you’re feeling diminished and unhappy, you can get a sense of your own power through becoming active by formulating a plan that you can work toward. Simply state where your pain points are and formulate a way to address them. In this way you become the master of the situation rather than the victim.

    • Couldn’t have said it better myself! Much of this content is also in my book Active Consciousness (which discusses a lot of material of Gurdjieff by the way!) Thanks for this insightful comment! -Amy

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  8. Great article and so true. I also have a brother like yours. The thing that has helped me most is my qigong practice. I am unrecognizable to the person I was a little over 3 years ago. I love my brothers and sisters but I am no longer attached to their story. They are all in my meditation daily so that when our paths do cross I have nothing but unconditional love to offer. Sometimes they do not accept love because their stories will not allow them. Then little breakthroughs happen and they understand where I am coming from. I will always remember the day I showed my brother Qigong. He has chronic insomnia. But not when he practiced Qigong. His first question to me, “does Qigong make you sleep?” If that is what you need. Now I feel I truly understand how to detach from my suffering when I chose to do so. Love

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