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    • Stacie, A new social media site that focuses on alternative things would certainly be nice — in fact, I’m sure they must exist. But that’s not the problem I’m talking about in this article. The problem I’m talking about is the new changes to SEARCH.

      The alternative sites still exist fine. But if they can’t be found (via a Google search), who will find their content? For example, people who know about Mercola.com can still go there and read the articles. But what about everyone else? If someone is looking for alternative solutions to their health problems, they will use a search engine like Google. But they will never find the content on Mercola.com, since Google is now essentially blocking this content from their search results — hiding it on the 30th page of results. With the new changes to Google, the only thing people now see when they search for health problems is what the government or mainstream conventional medicine people say. And as another example, when you now Google “homeopathy”, all you will see are pointers to things that say homeopathy is bogus. -Amy

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