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  1. Dear Amy,
    Thank you for sharing your manifestation miracle

    >Do not try to imagine or think about how this scenario is going to be achieved
    i.e. one shouldn’t plan. But generally to succeed in whatever it is we want, we are told to plan. “Failing to plan is planning to fail”. Planning is … good. Manifesting is wonderful. How do you know which goals you should plan and which ones you should manifest?

    • Anu, I guess it depends on you. Some people are willing to take an entire vacation without planning and just trust that it will manifest as they want it to. Personally, I wouldn’t feel comfortable with that! But you might be willing to just make the plane and hotel reservations and then just trust you’ll find the perfect things to do once you are at your destination — they will just somehow manifest in some way. Manifestation doesn’t mean you don’t do anything at all. It’s more like trusting that something will appear and that you’ll know the right thing to do at the right time, because if your own intuitive guidance. It means not FORCING things through, but just kind of rolling with the flow. As someone who has always been a planner (my field of research in Artificial Intelligence was actually automated planning!), I’m trying to plan less and less and trust more and more. -Amy

      • Thank you for the explanation. So, maybe it’s that… planning is like making a box. And by manifesting one can fill the box with beautiful things …(that stay safe inside the box)

        I’ve always had a problem planning at all. Probably have been unconsciously manifesting all my life. I thought not being able to plan was the sign of a weak mind.

        After reading your book I’ve started manifesting consciously. But my experiences are spooking out my 10 year old, a detailed planner…

        Maybe she’ll understand the box analogy

  2. Amy, how grateful I am to have discovered your writings and insights. Look forward to more connections; Conscious Aging & Beyond! Thank you.

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